Artist: Niels Nielsen

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: We are youth (mp3)
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Niels Nielsen to Gaphals

It has been officially revealed that has picked up Niels Nielsen and will be releasing his new 7" single "Shadow twin" on October 26 with a full-length album to follow in spring.

Nocturnal - Until the morning light

New heavy rock outta Sweden, expertly recorded by Niels Nielsen and due for release on 7" vinyl on August 28 via .

Niels Nielsen - Mouthful of diamonds

I don't think I realized this track was never disseminated, but it's now been corrected -- stream/download Niels Nielsen's superb cover of "Mouthful of diamonds" by Phantogram right here.

Danjer Cove - Vielen danke

Fresh rough mixed sounds from a new member of Sweden's (Niels Nielsen, Patrik Torsson, etc).

Niels Nielsen - Same old sheit (video)

A new video from Niels Nielsen for an old song heralding the imminent arrival of a new album. Confused? All will soon be revealed. (I think.) Look for Niels and co. to play a couple shows with Den Svenska Björnstammen in Sweden next month.

Niels Nielsen vs. Ghost

Niels Nielsen is currently in the studio producing Ghost for what I assume will end up being the band's sophomore album:

Great people comes from Östergötland

Patrik Torsson pays tribute to his friends Niels Nielsen and Gustav Berry, all from the region of Östergötland Sweden, with this free 2-track EP.

Niels Nielsen - Reason

The increasingly prolific Niels Nielsen has a brand new tune up at Bandcamp:

Niels Nielsen live

Niels Nielsen is taking it to the road and already has shows lined up in NYC and Brussels:

Niels Nielsen - Birds

Niels Nielsen has a new single called "Birds" which is a slightly reworked version of the original from his new album "Welcome to the promising land of hi5ers and hopeless people". Stream/download at Bandcamp along with the exclusive b-side "To the sun":

Quarterly report: Q12011

Quarterly report: Q12011

Niels Nielsen - Birds (video)

This is the first video from Niels Nielsen's upcoming album "Welcome to the promising land of hi5ers and hopeless people", due out May 2 via . Said album is quite a bit darker and dirtier than I expected and very highly recommended -- I listened to my promo twice yesterday and am way into it. Direct link:

Niels Nielsen, Patrik Torsson to Saint Marie

Niels Nielsen has signed with upstart American label and will be releasing his new album "Welcome to the promising land of hi-5ers and hopeless people" on May 2. Also signed, fellow Swede Patrik Torsson whose new album "At the line of the border" will be out this spring as well. More info:

Niels Nielsen - Whatever I feel

Niels Nielsen released a new song just a week-and-a-half ago, but he's already got a follow-up -- check out his latest work "Whatever I feel" right here:

Niels Nielsen - Sun dazed railway

Niels Nielsen woke up this morning to a vent falling from his kitchen ceiling and then he released a brand new single: