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New Bröderna Lindgren album in October

The new Bröderna Lindgren album "I tiden" will be out on October 3 and you can preview the lead track "Här är jag" (feat. Ebbot Lundberg) at the label 's website:
Other guest vocalists on said album include Amanda Bergman (Jaw Lesson), Britta Persson, Magnus Carlsson (Weeping Willows), Patrik Arve (Teddybears), Anja Bigrell (Montys Loco), Mattias Alkberg, First Aid Kit and more.

Ingrid signs Kriget, Woodlands

All-star Swedish label collective will release new albums from both Kriget and Woodlands this fall:
Kriget, as mentioned before, is the instrumental act of Per Nordmark (Fireside, Britta Persson, etc.), Crille Roth (Monster, Hets) and Gustav Bendt (Moneybrother, Club Killers). Woodlands, on the other hand, features Sara Wilson (First Floor Power), Niklas Korssell (Tutankamon, The Plan) and Marcus Holmberg (Komeda).

Magnus Carlsson + Tiger Stripes = Tandem Sky

Weeping Willows frontman Magnus Carlsson has a new project together with DJ/producer Mikael Nordgren (Tiger Stripes) called Tandem Sky. The group's new EP "Hurricane" is out now and also features Britta Persson doing guest vocals on the title cut.

Britta Persson to France

Britta Persson is heading to France in March:

03/20 - Festival Les Femmes s'en Mêlent, Paris
03/21 - Festival Les Femmes s'en Mêlent, Paris
03/22 - Mars En Braconne Festival, Vindelle

Svensk Musik interviews Britta Persson

Svensk Musik talks to Britta Persson about her upbringing and growth as a songwriter, among other subjects:

Britta Persson live in Germany, The Netherlands

Britta Persson is heading abroad for a few dates in May:

05/09 - Comet Club, Berlin (GER)
05/10 - Falkendom, Bielfeld (GER)
05/11 - Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)
05/12 - Rotown, Rotterdam (NL)
05/13 - Ekko, Utrecht (NL)

This week's chart

Here is the It's a Trap! listening group top 10 artists of the week unique to our group:

01. Firefox AK
02. The Bear Quartet
03. Håkan Hellström
04. Kent
05. Veronica Maggio
06. Cut Copy
07. Lykke Li
08. Säkert!
09. The Radio Dept.
10. Britta Persson

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Manifest 2011 winners

Here are the winners of this year's Manifest Awards, Sweden's alternative/indie Grammy:

Pop: Anna von Hausswolff - Singing from the grave
Dance: Cloud - Hökarängen Space Program
Synth: Code 64 - Trialogue
Hardrock: Ghost - Opus eponymous
Danceband: Shake - Request vol 1
Rythym: Million Stylez - Everyday
Jazz: Lekverk - Everyday
Punk: Antipati - Frågor som rör det allmänna
Hip-Hop: Zacke - Visst är det vackert
Best live: Robyn
Unsigned: Katakomb
Rock: The Bear Quartet - Monty Python
Folk/Visa: OK Star Orchestra - Sound classique
Experimental: New Tango Orquesta - Vesper
Singer/Songwriter: The Tallest Man On Earth - Wild hunt
Best lyricist: Johan T Karlsson (Familjen)
Best composer: Britta Persson

More here:

Kriget post album for free

Drums, bass and sax = Kriget, a new combo featuring Per Nordmark (Fireside, Britta Persson, etc.), Crille Roth (Monster, Hets) and Gustav Bendt (Moneybrother, Club Killers) respectively. Download the band's debut record "What a day" for free/donation:

Musik med Britta Persson #2

PSL has posted another great live performance from Britta Persson:

Top tens for 2010: It's a Trap!

Top tens for 2010: It's a Trap!

Nöjesguiden top 20 Swedish albums for 2010

Nöjesguiden's top 20 Swedish albums of 2010:

01. Robyn - Body talk, part 2
02. Håkan Hellström - 2 steg från paradise
03. The Radio Dept. - Clinging to a scheme
04. Oskar Linnros - Vilja bli
05. The Bear Quartet - Monty Python
06. This is Head - 0001
07. Robyn - Body talk, part 1
08. Säkert! - Facit
09. Ludwig Bell - Jag har försökt förklara
10. Daniel Adams-Ray - Svart, vitt och allt däremellan
11. Britta Persson - Current affair medium rare
12. Moto Boy - Lost in the call
13. The Concretes - WYWH
14. Joel Alme - Waiting For the Bells
15. Tove Styrke - Tove Styrke
16. Andreas Söderlund - Daustralien
17. Orup - Född i November
18. Embee - The mellow turning moment
19. Various Artists - Sonja Åkesson tolkad av
20. Bandjo - Bandjo


2011 Swedish Grammis

Here's the nominees for the 2011 Swedish Grammis:

Best album:
Håkan Hellström - 2 Steg Från Paradise
Oskar Linnros - Vilja Bli
Robyn - Body Talk
Säkert! - Facit
The Radio Dept. - Clinging To a Scheme

Best artist:
Håkan Hellström
Oskar Linnros

Best song:
Anna Bergendahl - This Is My Life
Daniel Adams-Ray - Gubben I Lådan
Eric Saade - Manboy
Erik Grönwall - Higher
Johnossi - What's The Point
Mohombi - Bumpy Ride
Oskar Linnros - Från Och Med Du
Robyn - Dancing On my Own
Salem Al Fakir - Keep On Walking
Swedish House Mafia – One

Best group:
Dungen - Skit I Allt
Hästpojken - Från Där Jag Ropar
Johnossi - Mavericks
Kent - En Plats I Solen
The Radio Dept. - Clinging To A Scheme

Best folk/visa:
Blandade Artister - Sonja Åkesson Tolkad Av
First Aid Kit - The Big Black & The Blue
Jonas Knutsson - Blåslåtar
Ola Magnell - Rolös
Toni Holgersson - Ibland Kallar Jag Det Kärlek

Best hardrock/metal:
Ghost - Opus Eponymous
Khoma - A Final Storm
Pascal - Orkanen Närmar Sig
Sabaton - Coat Of Arms
Watain - Lawless Darkness

Best jazz:
Dan Berglunds Tonbruket - Tonbruket
Goran Kajfes - X/Y
Magnus Carlson & The Moon Ray Quintet - Echoes
Oddjob - Clint
Peter Asplund Quartet - Asplund Meets Bernstein

Best songwriter:
Annika Norlin & Henrik Oja - Facit
Håkan Hellström - 2 Steg Från Paradise
Klas Åhlund & Robyn - Body Talk
Oskar Linnros - Vilja Bli
Pernilla Andersson - Ö

Best female artist:
Anna Von Hausswolff - Singing FromThe Grave
Britta Persson - Current Affair Medium Rare
Pernilla Andersson - Ö
Robyn - Body Talk
Säkert! - Facit

Best male artist:
Daniel Adams-Ray - Svart Vitt Och Allt Däremellan
Håkan Hellström - 2 Steg Från Paradise
Oskar Linnros - Vilja Bli
Salem Al Fakir - Ignore This
The Tallest Man On Earth - The Wild Hunt

Best newcomer:
Anna Von Hausswolff - Singing From The Grave
Ceo - White Magic
First Aid Kit - The Big Black & The Blue
Oskar Linnros - Vilja Bli
Swedish House Mafia - Until One

Best producer:
Adrian Lux
Joakim Åhlund & Håkan Hellström
Klas Åhlund
Max Martin
Red One

Best international success:
Max Martin
Red One
Swedish House Mafia

Best lyrics:
Annika Norlin - Facit
Håkan Hellström - 2 Steg Från Paradise
Ola Magnell - Rolös
Oskar Linnros - Vilja Bli
Plura Jonsson - Kärlekens Väg - En Mässa

Best urban/dance:
Boeoes Kaelstigen - Tanum Teleport
Familjen - Mänskligheten
Petter - En Räddare I Nöden
PH3 - PH3 Löser Ett Fall
Swedish House Mafia - Until One

Best Innovator:
Magnus Weideskog

Winners will be announced at a ceremony at Kungliga Operan in Stockholm on January 17.

Current affair medium rare goes abroad

Britta Persson's latest album "Current affair medium rare" will finally be getting an international release in 2011. Firstly, will be putting it out in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg on January 17. Next up is Germany, Austria and Switzerland who will get the record on February 4 via . After that...?

Top tens for 2010: Kvalität