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As We Fight are done

Danish metalcore act As We Fight are calling it quits after 10 years as a band following their final tour with The Psyke Project:

MP3: The Psyke Project - We came from Earth

Of the many things I love about this tune, one of the more subtle and killer aspects is the absolute lack of drum fills. The Psyke Project started life as an intensely mathy metalcore act, but over the years they've evolved steadily into a lean, mean, no-frills machine. The other thing I love about it: that ridiculously heavy breakdown at the end. It starts off so slow and empty and then only manages to get even more brutal as they hold notes and let them bend into feedback. The rest of their new split release "Ebola" with fellow Danes As We Fight is all just as good too, that is, aside from the other band's material. The less I say about them, the better.

The Psyke Project - We came from Earth

Ebola now streaming

The Psyke Project's new split album with As We Fight "Ebola" is now streaming in full at Bandcamp:
Can't say I'm much of a fan of the AWF stuff, but TPP's new material is really good.

As We Fight - Shattered

As We Fight are now streaming a new tune at YouTube from the forthcoming "Ebola" split with The Psyke Project:

The Psyke Project - This road to hell

The Psyke Project are streaming a brand new track from their upcoming split LP project with As We Fight:

The Psyke Project + As We Fight = Ebola

Danish brutal hardcore acts The Psyke Project and As We Fight are teaming up for a split album release under the name Ebola to be released on March 21, 2011. The bands also plan to collaborate on future live engagements and you can keep up with the project here:

Antenna talks to As We Fight

Antenna interviews new As We Fight vocalist Jesper about the band's new record:

Stream As We Fight's new album

Danish metalcore act As We Fight is streaming their new album "Meet your maker" at myspace:

Danish metalcore act As We Fight has a new track on myspace called "Join the killing spree":
The band's new album will be called "Meet your maker".

Danish hardcore act Last Mile (ex-Hatesphere, As We Fight) has signed with German label Demons Run Amok. The band is currently recording their debut album, but in the meantime, check out a live clip:

Danish metalcore act As We Fight has announced that Esben Elnegaard Kjaer Hansen (Numbnuts, Nightrage, ex-Stomped) is now their new, permanent vocalist. The band is currently recording their third album "Meet your maker" with producer Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere, Koldborn) at Smart N Hard Studio.

Last Mile, the new band of ex-Hatesphere vocalist Jacob Bredahl and Laurits Medom from As We Fight, will release their debut album on August 25. Hear sample tunes at myspace:
If it's not already obvious from the letterman-style logo, this is way more (NYHC-style) hardcore than metal.

Vocalist Jason Campbell has left Danish metalcore act As We Fight. The band's friend Esse aka Numbnuts will be filling in for the upcoming tour.

Danish metalcore act As We Fight is currently at Smart N Hard Studio with producer/engineer Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere, Machinemade God) working on their next album. The band says they'll be toning down the rock influence to create a more straight-up metal album.

Check out As We Fight's new video for "Annihilation":