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Alpha Mound debut LP out now

Alpha Mound, a new project from Joakim Westlund of Daymare/Aerial/The Giant's Dream, has just released their debut LP "Burning words" and you can listen to the whole thing at Bandcamp or on Spotify, as well as most other digital retailers. For folks who prefer the real-deal physical object, ordering details for the vinyl can be found here.

Daymare - Friend fighter

Swedish blog 520 has the premiere of a new track from recent signees/Aerial sideproject Daymare:

Alpha Mound - Termination of short-term (video)

Joakin Westlund of Aerial/the Giant's Dream has a new solo project called Alpha Mound and this right here is his debut. Look for the album "Burning words" to be released later this year.

Nomethod signs Daymare

Just signed to : Daymare, a new band featuring members from Aerial. Look for their debut single "Ice famine" to be officially released on September 19.

Voice Of... - Live#001

Voice Of..., the solo project of Joakim Westlund (Aerial/The Giant's Dream), has a new EP posted for free listening/download:

New website for The Giant's Dream

It's a Trap! Netlabel alumni/Aerial sideproject The Giant's Dream have a new website:

Presenting: Voice Of...

Check out Voice Of..., a new solo project from Joakim Westlund of Aerial/The Giant's Dream:
RIYL Logh or any of Joakim's other bands.

Aerial: A tribute to Sonic Youth and David Lynch (video)

Aerial pay tribute to their heroes and influences in this mini-doc. Direct link:

Nomethod fall release schedule

has announced their upcoming release schedule:

09/01 - Aerial – Black rain from the bombing [digital only + remastered + 1 bonus track]
09/13 - First Love, Last Rites – Slow wind [digital single + video]
09/13 - Simian Ghost – Sequenced dreams of independence [digital single]
10/06 - Robert Svensson – The madness [digital single + video]
10/26 - Robert Svensson – You're a wasteland honey [LP]
11/11 - Simian Ghost – Sequenced dreams of independence [LP]
tba - Love is a Burning Thing [LP]
tba - First Love, Last Rites [LP]

MP3: Aerial - Vacant dreamers

Quite possibly my favorite track off of "Put it this way in headlines". An appropriately 90s-style video for a very 90s sounding track; exactly the sort of thing I'd used to stay up to watch for on "120 Minutes" way back when.

Aerial - Vacant dreamers

New Aerial single plus Nomethod sampler on the way

Aerial will be releasing "Vacant dreamers" as a new single on July 8, complete with video. Their label has also announced that they'll be releasing a new sampler, their first ever, that same day:
Three previously unreleased tracks from the likes of Simian Ghost, Love Is a Burning Thing and The Giant's Dream plus a whole lotta great Swedish indierock.

Simian Ghost - Star receiver (live acoustic video)

Check out a video of Simian Ghost (aka Sebastian Arnström from Aerial) performing his new single "Star receiver" acoustically:

Aerial - Put it this way in headlinesAerial
Put it this way in headlines


There are few opening tracks that spark so perfectly to life, coloring not only the album to follow, but drawing the listener into this creative work, as the aptly titled "First of all...". While the following track does dampen the energy momentarily, from that point on "Put it this way in headlines" unravels as an impressive addition to Aerial's catalogue. The heavier, Mogwai/Mono-inspired post-rock of "The sentinel" has been replaced by a much cleaner, almost pop-like approach -- imagine a strange amalgamation of The End Will Be Kicks and Yamon Yamon. The only serious failing of "Headlines" is that the band, after embracing a change to their sound, sometimes takes too long to hit all the right notes, and then doesn't hit those notes quite hard enough. "Zebra" should have been anthemic, but only briefly reaches that point in the closing minute of the song; it's still a damn fine track, I am just not sure why the building energy suddenly stops. A few more songs like "Vacant dreamers", a track that blurs the line between post-rock and angular garage rock, might have helped as well, though said track suffers in a similar way to "Zebra": these songs seem to be building somewhere, but they never get there; this was never a problem on "The sentinel". That said, with "Guitar ode to a sunny afternoon" and all the other gorgeous moments on the album, there is more than enough to "Headlines" to make Aerial's present and future look quite bright.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Simian Ghost - Star receiver

is giving away the new Simian Ghost (aka Sebastian Arnström of Aerial) single "Star receiver" as a free download:

Nomethod signs two new bands, more

has officially announced the signing of two new acts. First is Simian Ghost who I believe used to be called The Anti Fashion and are the alter-ego of Sebastian Arnström from Aerial. Look for their debut single "Star receiver" very soon. Next up is First Love, Last Rites, a new 3-piece from Umeå with a debut album and single on the way this fall. Recent signees Love is a Burning Thing are still working on their upcoming debut as well and the first single "Go back to your cave" in on track for April.