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Imorgon! Caotico + 120 Days

Speaking of 120 Days, here's the set times for tomorrow night's It's a Trap! Clubnight at Debaser Malmö:

22:00 - Caotico
23:00 - 120 Days

It's a Trap! Clubnights May: Division of Laura Lee

I'm thrilled to announce that we have confirmed Division of Laura Lee to be our guests for the May edition of It's a Trap! Clubnights at Debaser Malmö. The long-running Swedish indie act might be flying under the radar for most folks nowadays, but in no way should you write them off and I fully expect them to put on a great show! We'll have a great support act as well, details to be confirmed soon.

Vånna inget - Allvar (video)

Tonight! Do not miss!

It's a Trap! Clubnights 3/16: Vånna Inget + EL-SD + Gamla Pengar

Friday! Gamla Pengar + EL-SD + Vånna Inget at Debaser Malmö! Be there! The FB evite: https://www.facebook.com/events/317358944978351/

120 Days added to April Clubnight

Great news for Malmö residents who like to dance! Norway's 120 Days have been added to the lineup of our It's a Trap! Clubnight and will get the crowd moving before breakout Swedish pop sensation Caotico takes over and keeps it going late into the night. Be there!

It's a Trap! Clubnights 2012 update

I am thrilled to announce that in addition to the previously announced It's a Trap! Clubnights gigs with We Are the Storm/Helsinki Poetry (this Friday! holy shit!) and Caotico (April 13!), we will be welcoming Millencolin/The Peepshows indierock sideproject Franky Lee plus Tiger Bell to the stage of Debaser Malmö on February 17. And that's not all: we've also got Vånna Inget, EL-SD and Gamla Pengar coming down on March 16 and you know that one is gonna rule! Wish I could be there personally, but hey, maybe I'll make it over this coming summer.

Clubnights 2012

We're still over a week away from the new year, but that's not gonna stop us from unveiling the first confirmations of our 2012 It's a Trap! Clubnights! Up first on January 20, we've got Uppsala's We are the Storm plus from Denmark, the confusingly-named Helsinki Poetry. Dates in February and March are still pending, but April is already on lock with Caotico set to grace the stage! Expect more details soon!

On the road

Doing some travelling over the next few days, expect updates to be slow/non-existent.

Tomorrow: Deportees + Winhill/Losehill at Debaser Malmö

Tomorrow night at Debaser Malmö is our final It's a Trap! Clubnight of the year and gracing the stage will be Sweden's favorite critically lauded yacht-rockers Deportees. Joining them as support, Stockholm/Umeå-based up-and-comers Winhill/Losehill who just released their debut single "Tell her she's the light of the world". Not gonna lie, this sort of intentionally gentle rock is not my thing at all, but I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt that they totally bring it live. Only one way to find out!

Top 10s start tomorrow

Tomorrow: so begins our annual top 10 list bonanza. I could still squeeze in a few more contributors, so if you think you're deserving of a spot, please get in touch!

Join the Rock Alliance

I don't normally do any crass ad/promo stuff aside from the ever-present/near-ubiquitous Google ad box below the fold, but I'm happy to make exceptions should the right opportunity present itself, so when Rock Science beckoned, I heeded the call. It wasn't a terribly hard decision: a Swedish-made rock'n'roll boardgame complete with a theme song by Imperial State Electric (included as a CDS in each copy) is totally right up my alley and is pretty much the perfect gift for your favorite rocker this holiday season (hint hint). So if you wanna hook it up, head on over to their webstore and use the promo code ITSATRAP when you check out. Do it!

Moving forward

Time is fleeting and so is my energy level. As my dayjob and various paid freelance projects become more demanding, my enthusiasm for keeping up with everything and anything wanes. So from now on no more middling mediocrity, no more blog-rock echo-chamber. Besides, there's plenty of other sites for that nowadays. I'm honing my gaze to keep abreast of what's interesting and exciting. You with me?

Press pause

I'll be away travelling the next few days, expect updates to resume Monday or thereabouts.

MP3: Nine - Time has come

Holy Moly, It's a Trap! is nine years old today! It's always weird to think back to when I first started this thing, back when there were no other websites devoted entirely to Scandinavian music (and certainly not in English!), back before Myspace and social networking, back in the time of Napster and a seemingly endless supply of free music. Naturally, times have changed quite a bit since then and while I'm thankfully no longer the sole representative of this particular niche, there's still no one else covering all the music I want to hear all in one place so I'm compelled to soldier on. So thanks to all my contributors past and present, tack till Jonas for managing the Clubnight, thanks to all the artists who keep me inspired and thanks to YOU for reading! Stubbornly I will persist for yet another year!

As for today's tune, the obvious choice would be "Nine years later" by Born Against (just as relevant today as when it was released 20 years ago), but since New York isn't in Sweden last I checked, I've got to go with Plan B and a quick perusal of my mp3 library leads me directly to Nine. Their combination of Entombed-style death'n'roll swagger and metallic hardcore was way ahead of its time, so while bands of that ilk seem to propagate nowadays in stupid amounts, let us remember back to an era when it was still sounding fresh. Did Nine ever properly get their due? Or were they forever doomed to obscurity thanks to their eminently un-Googleable name? What are those dudes up to now anyway? Bueller?

Nine - Time has come

Google+ integration

I've yet to really play around with Google's social media platform Google+, but I did go ahead and add their +1 buttons to the site and they seem to be working. However, if you do happen see any funky behavior, please let me know!