MP3: Kaka - Below this sun

Kaka's self-titled debut album from a couple years ago was a bit of a sleeper. A few really great tracks (such as "The hotspurs"), but it never seemed to get much traction. That is to say, I enjoyed it, but it lacked the stickiness I really need in my pop music. Not to mention, an atrocious name. C'mon... Kaka? Talk about hamstringing yourself from the get-go, might as well burn a few wads of cash while you're at it. Anyhow, the new single "Below this sun" is good, maybe even a little bit great, but like my wife just said to me, "this sounds really fun, but I can't recommend them to anyone." I've played it on my radio show a few times even though I'm loathe to announce it out loud and now I guess I'm recommending it you, here in print, despite my foolish trepidation. Once you get past the awful, awful name, there's actually a lot to like.

Kaka - Below this sun