MP3: Skogar - Secret hymns

Here's one that's been on my to-do list for awhile now, mostly due to the fact that I've had trouble wrapping my head around its abstract expansiveness. Had I actually read the bio text and known that Skogar (aka Johannes Brander) was yet another bedroom artist playing around with a guitar, an arsenal of effect pedals and a 4-track, I probably would've filed this in the "ignore" pile (or the circular file, as it were), but I did not and I am glad for it. As "easy" as it is to make that sort of music, it rarely comes out so well; there is far more to this brand of artistry than a stack of gearboxes. It's even better that I sometimes have trouble recognizing sound sources, though this particular track is very obviously guitar-based. I could actually do without the lead noodlings buried in the mix; it's the backing loops of chirping noise and loping bassnotes that are the most interesting part, along with the subtle shifts in harmony that keep it going. However, the piece really works best in context of the whole -- another reason for my delay in coverage. There are many fine, fleeting moments, but none of them reveal the quality of the complete work. I'm glad I took a chance on this.
A sidenote in the always-interesting "small world" subcategory: Skogar's label Native Parts Records is putting out a split CDr with Malmö act Utom Alla and local-to-me band Flora vs. Fauna. Weirdness.

Skogar - Secret hymns