MP3: Favorita - Seven comforts

"Seven comforts" is/was a single from the self-titled "lost" album of Swedish powerpop act Favorita, a band lead by ex-Beagle/current Metro Jets frontman Magnus Börjeson in the mid-90s. Here's the condensed version of their story: band records an album, label shelves it for a few years and then, by the time they get around to finally putting it out, the band has lost interest and everyone goes their separate ways. I'm sure the reality is much more complicated and convoluted, but that's the gist. As for the music, it's upbeat powerpop rock'n'roll that sounds just as fresh today as I'm sure it did twelve years ago, back when it was first recorded. The expanded reissue gets a bit long-winded for someone like me whose historical interest in a band they've never heard of is nil, but I must commend the folks at Popsicle for treating it with such a completist level of care. Long-time fans will be stoked, casual listeners may find their attention fading as they head into the bonus tracks. Personally, I'm content to cherry-pick the 3-4 exceptional single-worthy tracks (of which this one is by far the best) and lump the rest.

Favorita - Seven comforts