MP3: Gustav and the Seasick Sailors - Charlie Fay

New mp3 today from Gustav and the Seasick Sailors. I started selling stuff from their label Marilyn Records in my webstore recently, but I only recently got a chance to really give their bands a good listening. Achordian and Shooting John, the other two bands on the label, are both kind of countrified pop (indiepop with a twang?), but GatSS has more of a driving powerpop feel. It's similar to countrymates David & the Citizens in that they're both the creative outlets of their singer/songwriter frontmen, but at the same time, it's also a band effort. Change the backing band and it most certainly would not be the same. "Charlie Fay" is the band's most recent single, a first taste of what's to come on their upcoming album "Sirkus" which is due out on March 9. Looking forward to it.

Gustav and the Seasick Sailors - Charlie Fay