MP3: The Horror The Horror - Sound of sirens

Not only do we have a new interview today with The Horror The Horror, but we've also got an mp3 of their single "Sound of sirens" for your downloading pleasure. IAT contributor Matthew Smith provides the details:

2006 is shaping up to be a big year for The Horror The Horror. The Stockholm quintet just released its debut album on Tapete Records and its second single "I blame the sun". But the song that really got things started for THTH is today's new mp3, "Sound of sirens". The song highlights the best elements of the full album: the jangly, twinned guitars of Mattias Axelsson and Johan Jansson, the crisp, unobtrusive rhythm section of Patrik Thorngren and Jakob Frodell, and the dynamic, urgent vocals of Joel Lindström. The straightforward verses only hint at the hook in the chorus, which makes "Sound of sirens" one of the catchiest things you'll hear. This song has made it to #11 in the FM4 chart in Austria, and expect to hear more from The Horror The Horror as the album gets wider release in the next few months.

The Horror The Horror - Sound of sirens