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Yesboyicecream confirms new album from Soda Fountain Rag, preview available

will be releasing the new album "Reel around me" from Norwegian indiepop act Soda Fountain Rag on July 5 in cooperation with Italian collective . It will be available either as a digital download or as 10" vinyl and the whole thing can be streamed here in advance:

Saint Thomas
There's only one of me


It's no secret that Saint Thomas (aka Thomas Hansen) has had some problems grappling with substance abuse, psychological issues, and the bad behavior those things too often entail. On this record, he lays it all out with 14 sad short songs that reference many of his lowest moments. The result is poignant and at times beautiful, reminiscent of masterpieces like Big Star's "Third: Sister Lovers", a heartbreaking wrencher of a dark sad record. Unlike that one, though, "There's only one of me" lacks the variety to keep it interesting across its total length. Saint Thomas's high voice starts sounding more whiny than tortured about half way through and the simple acoustic arrangements don't bring any excitement to the mix. It has some magnificent moments that capture the pain, confusion, and sense of loss in depression and addiction, but as a complete listening experience, it falls short.
- Nancy Baym