Britta Persson - Kill Hollywood meBritta Persson
Kill Hollywood me
Amigo Musik


Something must have happened in Sweden around the time artists like Annika Norlin (Hello Saferide, Säkert!), Frida Hyvönen and Britta Persson were young. Even as my musical tastes led me further from the introspective narratives of singer/songwriters from the United States and Britain, I've never been able to 'outgrow' many the female artists that populate the Scandinavian music scene. Many of these songstresses effortlessly combine the poppy with the shadowy, the quirky with the straight-forward, all without straining, overburdening, or warping the overall structure of their compositions. Britta Persson's "Kill Hollywood me" is no exception. The album kicks alive with "Cliffhanger" and its progression from guitars that feel as though they should lead into a huge 70s rock ballad, through wonderfully playful piano notes, and eventually to a bittersweet chorus, its chord progression never jarring the listener, though not unfolding in the way we've become accustomed to pop songs developing. All of the tracks on here are equally interesting to watch evolve in their idiosyncratic, sometimes eccentric, schemes; "Enter and leave" and "Happy hour" being my favorites. If you know what Britta Persson is about, then "Kill Hollywood me" is an organic continuation of her earlier work. If you don't, this album isn't a bad place to start.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Nina Ramsby and Martin Hederos - JazzenNina Ramsby and Martin Hederos
Amigo Musik


This collaborative effort is as smooth as silk, seriously. Nina's extremely sweet vocals over quiet piano tracks struck this reviewer less as jazz (at least what I think of it) and more as just beautiful balladry. "Du min vän" and "I sin sorhet" are just two fine examples of this. With Valentine's Day coming up, this record is a must for any couple looking to stay home by the fire with some red wine, laying under a blanket.
- Matt Giordano

Britta Persson - Top quality bones and a little terroristBritta Persson
Top quality bones and a little terrorist
Amigo Musik

I have totally fallen for the sweet charms of Britta Persson. How could I not? Her voice is simply stunning. Her lyrics tug at even the hardest heart strings. And have you seen that fringe? And her huge, oversized specs? Adorable! "Defrag my heart" was my guilty, girly geek anthem, so I was very excited to get my hands on a copy of a full-length album. It doesn't disappoint. You don't have to dig too deeply to unearth a few gems. In fact, all you have to do is press play, as the first track, "Winter song", is an immediate winner. It also happens to be the first single, selected through an online vote by fans and the subject of a fantastic video featuring the boys of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names. "You are not my boyfriend" is another stand-out track, and "Bellamy Straat Straat" comes a close third. The rest of the album is simple and sparse, with only the most subtle instrumental arrangements, allowing Britta's surprisingly sultry, soulful voice to shine through. And it ends with an absolutely gorgeous ethereal duet with collaborator Kristofer Åström. She describes the sound as "old fashioned and Nordic and also Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Low, Natasha Bedingfield, but lo-fi." I'd just sum it up in one word: Beautiful.
- Stacey Shackford