Necrovation - Sepulchreal

Head to ' website to hear the brand new Necrovation track "Sepulchreal" in the site's mediaplayer:

Agonia picks up Kongh

Swedish doom act Kongh has signed with for the release of their third album which they will be recording this summer with Karl Daniel Lidén (Dozer, Switchblade).

New Necrovation confirmed

Swedish death metal act Necrovation will release their much-anticipated self-titled sophomore album via on June 26 in Europe, August 14 in the US. It will be available on both CD and vinyl with the first 100 copies of the latter being navy blue with white haze.

Necrovation sign with Agonia

has picked up Swedish death metallers Necrovation and will be releasing the band's new full-length album this coming May.

Mr. Death - Descending through ashesMr. Death
Descending through ashes
Agonia Records


There's something intriguing about Sweden's Mr. Death that makes you want to come back for more even though you're not quite sure if you're that into their new album. Historically, that has been the mark of a damn good recording for me, with case in point being "Contradictions collapse". When Meshuggah released their debut back in '91 I had the same feeling; I wasn't quite sure if I liked it, but I kept coming back for more. Now it's one of my all-time favorite albums. I sincerely doubt that I'll be singing the praises of "Descending through the ashes" in 20 years time, but it definitely has something special for now. It's a combination of that odd sound -- like a mix of the American and Swedish deathgrinders from back in the day -- and a unique songwriting technique that's simple, yet very effective. On every listen I'm wondering if the songwriting is actually any good and I still can't put my finger on it. That it has me returning to it on a regular basis speaks volumes. It's old-school Swedish/American death metal with a production that would make Satan shit himself. Good enough for me!
- John Norby

Svarttjern - Towards the ultimateSvarttjern
Towards the ultimate
Agonia Records


As much as there seems to be a singing of praises for Oslo's true kvlt black metallers Svarttjern's second album, I'm not enamored by it in the slightest. The production is, without question, a hefty lesson in annihilation-by-metal, but it's completely wasted when the music it's enhancing is nondescript in the big black metal picture. There's nothing exciting here at all; not even the obligatory mid-paced-into-fast-paced-into-mid-paced mid-album track (in this case "I AM the path part II") that normally elicits a "Let's fucking slay!" reaction works here. The riffs are just way too... crap. I'm sorry to have to use the word, but boring just doesn't cut it at this moment in time. Neither Kerry King's long-and-pointy nailband nor Watain's applied-as-if-it-were-just-thrown-on-but-really-it's-contrived-as-fuck corpsepaint can make up for the fact that Svarttjern are a very average black metal band. I've just noticed that there are a lot of hyphens in this review. Fuck, that's how bored I am listening to this album -- I'm actually counting hyphens. I'm -- actually -- counting -- hyphens. We're up to 29 now. Time to fire up "Sworn to the dark" and wash this muck outta my earholes.
- John Norby

Mr. Death - Celestial suffering

Mr. Death is now streaming a new track from their forthcoming EP "Death suits you":
Said EP comes out September 24 via and will be available both on 10" vinyl and CD.

Agonia signs Furze

has signed Norwegian metal act Furze and will be releasing their new album "Reaper subconscious guide" in November.

New Mr. Death EP coming in September

Swedish death metal act Mr. Death will unleash their new 6-song EP "Death suits you" on September 24 via and it will be available on both CD and 10" vinyl.

Agonia signs Svartsyn

has signed Swedish black-metal act Svartsyn. The band is currently working on their 6th full-length album "Wrath upon the earth" which they plan to record over the summer.

Die Hard lose drummer, to record new EP

Drummer Hĺkan Jonsson has left Swedish metal act Die Hard to concentrate full-time on his work with Watain. The band will continue on in the meantime with session drummer E. Forcas until a replacement can be found and will be going into the studio May 7-10 to record a new EP for release this coming Halloween via .

New Mr. Death 7" out now

"Unearthing", Swedish death metal act Mr. Death's very first recording, is now released on 7" vinyl via . 500 copies, 2 exclusive cuts plus 2 album tracks.