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Walk Through Fire - Furthest from heavenWalk Through Fire
Furthest from heaven
Aesthetic Death


When this kicks off, it feels as though Walk Through Fire could be one of any number of bands proffering their blend of sludgy doomladen dischord, so pedestrian is their take on the genre. It must be said, however, that while the first half of "Furthest from heaven" offers absolutely nothing in the way of ingenuity, it does display a good command of marrying beauty with ugliness. However, the Swedes really hit the nail on the head with the closing duo of "The dying sun" and "The dead sun". They're like a different band on this final part, with "The dying sun" offering a foreboding intro to what is one of the most pummelling creations within the genre. Not only does "The dead sun" prove that these guys have what it takes to become monsters within the style, but it's as heavy as a blow to the cranium with a sock full of pool balls. Let's hope that they'll explore this dark avenue more thoroughly in the future.
- John Norby

Walk Through Fire - Furthest from heaven

Swedish doom/sludge act Walk Through Fire will be releasing their debut album "Furthest from heaven" on May 30 in cooperation with UK label . Preview a track at Bandcamp: