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Farven Fornem - X (video)

"X" is the debut single from Danish act Farven Fornem off their upcoming Caspar Hesselager-produced LP "DNA", due out March 26 via .

Gaffa's top 10 Danish albums of 2011

Gaffa DK's top 10 Danish albums of 2011:

01. Hymns From Nineveh - Hymns From Nineveh ( / )
02. Larsen And Furious Jane - Dolly ()
03. Malk De Koijn - Toback From The Fromtime ( / )
04. Iceage - New Brigade ( / )
05. The Raveonettes - Raven In The Grave ()
06. Mikael Simpson - Noget Laant, Noget Blaat ()
07. Suspekt - Elektra ( / )
08. Michael Mller - A Month Of Unrequited Love (self-released)
09. L.O.C. - Libertiner ()
10. Thulebasen - Gate 5 ( / / )

Read more: (in Danish)

The Late Great Fitzcarraldos confirm debut album

Danish all-star indie trio The Late Great Fitzcarraldos, featuring members from I Got You on Tape, moi Caprice and Choir of Young Believers, will be releasing their self-titled debut full-length on May 2 via .

Gaffa DK Music Awards 2010

The nominees for Gaffa's Danish music awards have been announced:

De Eneste To - De eneste to (/)
Efterklang - Magic chairs ()
Kashmir - Trespassers ()
The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Howl at the moon ()
The Rumour Said Fire - The arrogant ()

De Eneste To (/)
Efterklang ()
Kashmir ()
The Floor Is Made Of Lava ()
The Rumour Said Fire ()

Female artist:
Fallulah ()
Henriette Sennenwaldt (

Male artist:
Jacob Bellens (Murder) ()
Jesper Lidang (The Rumour Said Fire) ()
Kasper Eistrup (Kashmir) ()
Sren Huss ()
Tobias Kippenberger (The Floor Is Made Of Lava) ()

De Eneste To (/)
Fallulah ()
Ginger Ninja ()
The Rumour Said Fire ()
Vinnie Who ()

Hit song:
Dn - Dry lips ()
Dn - Let go of your love ()
Hej Matematik - Party i Provinsen ()
Nephew Feat. Landsholdet - The Danish way to rock ()
Turboweekend - Trouble is ()

Music video:
Burhan G Feat. Nik & Jay - Tttere p himlen (dir: Michael Sauer Christensen) ()
De Eneste To - Morten (dir: Casper Dalhoff) (/)
Kashmir - Still boy (dir: Jakob Printzlau) ()
The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Leave me now (dir: Casper Balslev) ()
Under Byen - Unoder (dir: Manyar I. Parwani) (

Full list:

New Under Byen now set for April release in America

Under Byen have now confirmed that their new album "Allt er tabt", their fourth overall, will be released in North America on April 6 via . Domestic Danish label still has it confirmed for February 8.

A:Larm Music announces first releases for 2010

Gaffa has posted details on the upcoming Q1 release schedule for Danish label/distributor : (in Danish)
Artists with records on the way include Ghost Society, Under Byen, RebekkaMaria, Sterling and more.

RebekkaMaria - Queen of FranceRebekkaMaria
Queen of France
A:larm Music


Icy, avant-garde electro pop has long been a fixture of Scandinavian music, ranging from the dense, arty compositions of The Knife to pop flavored chart toppers like Robyn. "Queen of France" (the debut solo album from Lampshade frontwoman RebekkaMaria Andersson) falls somewhere in the middle. The first half of the record was definitely crafted with a pop song structure in mind, while the latter half is much more experimental and less immediate. Tracks like "Yours truly" and "She lion" hit you over the head on the first listen with their confident melodies and infectious attitude, but from there, the album becomes decidedly less mainstream. The bizarre helium-induced "Army of foxy" initiates this change, but it's tame compared to head-scratchers like "The foam" and "Happy birthday". Fans of the genre will love it, and there's no denying the creativity that went into the record, but most listeners will probably wish that the entire album played to the strengths of the first four tracks.
- Nick James

Enfant terrible
Glorious Records/A:larm Music

If anyone at NME is reading, here is you next favourite band. Cartridge sound draws very heavily from the sound of modern British rock (Kasabian, The Rakes, Arctic Monkeys), and whilst I'm not too into that whole scene, I believe they could easily handle their own on a bill with any of those groups. On "Enfant terrible", Cartridge is overflowing with energy and it shows on every track. The band keeps a rather quick pace throughout each track that, when preformed live, one can only assume it is the same, if not faster. "Coma state" and "Rooms painted green" are two noteworthy tracks on here, however in my estimation, "Tree crowns" is the best on the record.
- Matt Giordano