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Torsten Larsen - The big payoffTorsten Larsen
The big payoff
Morningside Records


The subtitle to "The big payoff" should adequately prepare you for the contents of Torsten Larsen's (of Larsen & Furious Jane) album: "A collection of low-fidelity demos 2005-2008". This three-year period covers the time Larsen & Furious Jane spent on their exceptional album "Zen sucker". Demo recordings are typically the territory of diehards, those who want to hear the evolution of an artist's or a band's songwriting from the early drafts to the finished product, and there is an element of this on "The big payoff" -- the bare bones of tracks like "Tisminton" and "Oh, Perrey Reeves" may well prove only beneficial to serious Larsen & Furious Jane converts -- but there is also a decent amount of material that feels misplaced. Opener "Surrender" is among the strongest of these recordings, and one can't help but feel disappointed that it never found its way onto "Zen sucker". It's difficult to be terribly critical of "The big payoff": at its worst the recording acts a rough prequel to a fantastic album and at its best it feels like a collection of solid b-sides. The fact that is offering "The big payoff" for free doesn't hurt either.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

The big payoff, for free

The new Torsten Larsen (of Larsen & Furious Jane) demo collection "The big payoff" is available as a free download in exchange for an email address:

Morningside 2010 preview

Danish label has prepared a microsite to give you a preview of their 2010 offerings:
Featured artists include recent signees No Blood In Bones and Marie-Louise Munck along with stable acts Shout Wellington Air Force, Torsten Larsen and Ghost Voo.

Morningside Records reports that Olesen-Olesen are finishing up work on their double album "Kain og Abel" which should be out in September. Nikolaj Nørlund is acting as producer and guest contributors include Torsten Larsen (Larsen and Furious Jane) and Klaus Mandal Hansen (Learning from Las Vegas).

Denmark's Quartermain Records has announced the signing of Jacob Faurholt and his band Sweetie Pie Wilbur. The label will release their debut album "Queen Of Hope" on March 10, 2005. The music is described as "saturated with a gloomy and dusty expression, characterized by a charming amateurism and musical playfulness which gives the quite traditional songs a personal expression" and features guest appearances from Kåre Rolf Hansen of Tiger Tunes and Torsten Larsen from Larsen & Furious Jane.