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Swedish/UK indiepop act The Ruling Class will be supporting The Charlatans on tour in October:

10/05 - Hull University, Hull
10/06 - Parr Hall, Warrington
10/08 - Chinnerys, Southend
10/11 - The Picture House, Edinburgh
10/12 - Albert Halls, Stirling
10/13 - Town Hall, Paisley
10/14 - The Ironworks, Inverness
10/16 - Fat Sams Live, Dundee
10/17 - 53 Degrees, Preston
10/18 - Astoria, London
10/20 - Leeds Academy, Leeds

The Ruling Class - Tour de forceThe Ruling Class
Tour de force
Shelflife Records


Like C.S. Nielsen's pitch-perfect recreation of Johnny Cash's style of songwriting, the part-Scandinavian/part-British The Ruling Class similarly adopt a faultless Stone Roses style (with maybe more than a few nods to The Charlatans). The reason artists like this succeed is because they follow in exactly the same footprints as their influences -- not beating around the bush (because the songwriters can't quite find the vein they're attempting to replicate), or providing listeners with a karaoke-esque recreation, but deftly hitting every emotional chord that caused us to fall in the love with legends like Johnny Cash and renowned Manchurians The Stone Roses. Our parents have boundlessly assured us that "there will never be another group like The Beatles," and maybe they're right, but The Ruling Class have stepped into shoes that haven't moved quite like this in a long time. There's an art to what they have done that is beyond imitation; it's more like disproving the idea that lightning never strikes the same place twice.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Swedish rock'n'roll label Bootleg Booze will be putting out two new 7"s on March 14, one from Gbg-based act Four Flamingos and a split featuring The Ruling Class from Västerås and UK band Black Radio. Check the Bootleg Booze site for samples and more details:

Swedish/English act and recent Shelflife signees The Ruling Class have posted a couple new tracks on myspace:

Swedish rock'n'roll label Bootleg Booze will be releasing a split 7" featuring The Ruling Class, the band that formed out of the ashes of Puffball, along with UK-based act Black Radio. 500 copies, 100 in a special chrome-rim sleeve. Look for it on May 20.