Artist: The Phonies

Country: Finland
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Gran tourettes
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Finnish pop act The Phonies will have both of their albums released in the US via Nashville-based label Double D Records. No word on an actual date yet, but soon they say. Read IAT's review of their most recent album "Gran tourettes" right here.

The Phonies
Gran tourettes
Money Laundry Records

These Finns have a thing or two to teach Americans about how to do American roots pop. Soaring vocal melodies, keyboards that harken back to Tom Petty hits of the early 1980s, harmonies that evoke the Jayhawks at their finest, and a strong feel-good energy run through this collection of power-pop gems. It's been a while since I've heard a record with so many melodies that smack you over the head with their tunefulness, then pop out of your subconscience when you wake in the morning. A very nice surprise.
- Nancy Baym

Finnish pop act The Phonies, the new(ish) band featuring Stenman and Lehtomaa from The Refreshments, have posted two new songs on myspace:
The new album "Gran tourettes" comes out March 30.