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Still Single: Liechtenstein, The Faintest Ideas, more

Still Single covers the Liechtenstein/The Faintest Ideas split on :
Also mentioned, Tom Karlsson's "Pojknacke" LP and Molnbär av John's 7" on .

Liechtenstein - This must be heaven

MBV has a new track from Swedish indiepop act Liechtenstein:
Said song appears on the new Slumberland split 7" with fellow Swedes The Faintest Ideas.

New Lögnhalsmottagningen EP on the way

International snotty punk collaboration Lögnhalsmottagningen (feat. Martin from The Faintest Ideas/Javelins and Stuart from Boyracer) will release their new EP "Fina nyanser i nya finanser" via US label Local Cross "as soon as it's done."

Lögnhalsmottagningen, the international collaboration of Stuart from Boyracer and Martin from The Faintest Ideas, will play what will probably be their first and only show at Athens Popfest on August 16.

MP3: Lögnhalsmottagningen - Snacka gär ju

I tried to tip you off on Lögnhalsmottagningen back in late February on one of my MyFriends posts, but now that their debut 7" "Öron näsa EP" is out, it's time to pay them another visit. The improbable duo features Stewart Anderson from Boyracer laying down the tracks at home in Flagstaff, AZ and then shipping 'em off to Sweden (figuratively, I presume) for Martin Cannert from The Faintest Ideas/Javelins to lay down vocals. However, if you were expecting twee indiepop akin to those dude's other bands, this may disappoint as the true purpose of this project is to revisit the frantic sound of early 80s Swedish punk, both in song and fidelity. Martin sounds shrill and out of breath as he tries to keep up and the band doesn't fare much better - if I didn't know that this was one guy laying everything down via multitrack, I'd imagine the drummer setting the tempo and setting off with everyone else trying to hold on for dear life. And the recording? Harsh perfection, just like all the old, faceless 7"s I used to pick up before home studios could match pro audio quality. It's trebly and annoying, but that's exactly the point; give it a few listens, you might start to like it too. 7 songs in 8 minutes, so not quite a total rager, but close enough. Now let's just hope this isn't some one-off thing.

Lögnhalsmottagningen - Snacka gär ju

MyFriends: Bad Dreams Always, Dead Vows, Faster Katt, Kloak, Lögnhalsmottagningen, Ny Regim

Yellow Mica Recordings is doing a special first-wave punk & hardcore tribute for their 30th release. Tracklist:

01. Boyracer - So fucking Swedish (Originally recorded by Urban Släke, Sweden 1981)
02. The Lucksmiths - Dignified and old (Originally recorded by The Modern Lovers, USA 1976)
03. Hulaboy - Someday (Originally recorded by The Babylon Dance Band, USA 1981)
04. The Tall Boy - I don't mind (Originally recorded by The Buzzcocks, UK 1978)
05. Pants Yell! - Suburban home (Originally recorded by The Descendents, USA 1982)
06. The Manhattan Love Suicides - Orphans (Originally recorded by Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, USA 1979)
07. The Faintest Ideas - År 3000 (Originally recorded by Pizzoar, Sweden 1980)
08. Inspaceno! - Dean's dream (Originally recorded by The Dead Milkmen, USA 1984)
09. The Young Untold - Jackanory stories (Originally recorded by Television Personalities, UK 1981)
10. Emily Jane Powers - Sheena is a punk rocker (Originally recorded by The Ramones, USA 1977)
11. The Elks - Communist radio (Originally recorded by The Eat, USA 1979)
12. Jilted Jen - Jilted Jen (Originally recorded by Jilted John, UK 1978)
13. Brotherhood of broken hearts - I hate the rich (Originally recorded by The Dils, USA 1977)
14. Downdime - (I'm) Stranded (Originally recorded by The Saints, Australia 1977)
15. Kin - A question of degree (Originally recorded by Wire, UK 1979)
16. Bunnygrunt - Lights out (Originally recorded by Angry Samoans, USA 1982)
17. The Infestations - I kill hippies (Originally recorded by Jack Tragic and the Unfortunantes, USA 1983)
18. James Ausfahrt - I'm your man (Originally recorded by Richard Hell & the Voidoids, USA 1977)

Buy it here:

The Faintest Ideas have a new super-limited 6-track 7" EP oun Happy Happy Birthday to Me. 200 copies only, so act fast if you want one. Look for a new split 7" with Boyracer on HHBTM in the near future as well as another 7" on Music is My Girlfriend.

Three Imaginary Girls talk to The Faintest Ideas:

The Faintest Ideas
What goes up must calm down
Magic Marker


Short and sweet. Or, spastic and speedy. Songs with guitar riffs that race ahead while the singer struggles to keep up with lyrics about sinister hearts and missed phone calls. Most hover around the two-minute mark. The Faintest Ideas (nee Javelins) produce power punk-pop, of the variety more often heard in the hallowed halls of Glasgow than Göteborg. C86 fans will be kicking up their Converse-clad heels at this catchy collection, and even pop princesses like me will love "Nosebleeders on the track". And what about that title? Worth five points alone, I reckon.
- Stacey Shackford

The Faintest Ideas (nee Javelins) new album "What goes up must calm down" is out now on US label Magic Marker:

Not only does Swedish indie label Music is My Girlfriend have a new website, but they've also announced plans to launch a 7" single club. First up will be "Fragile heart" from Celestial in November and records from Fireflies and The Faintest Ideas will follow.

Swedish indiepop act Javelins have changed their name to The Faintest Ideas.