Artist: The Domus

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Fractures
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The Domus
Kasual Recordings


Perfectly produced, effortlessly executed, and deftly crafted, "Fractures" is almost an archetype indie-electro-pop record. Listening to tracks like "A3DM" and "Old new bridges" I want to give this record a 9/10, but a few of the tracks on the album verge on becoming overly sugary. This is not to suggest these sweet sections do not work; they do I just am far more affected by the slower, thoughtful, almost mournful moments of The Domus' songwriting. Overall, "Fractures" is quite an album, even in its more playful moments. An interesting and eclectic mix of influences and interests, sometimes reflecting along similar tangents to lablemates Jettie, and other times almost approaching the mischievous tone of Juvelen, this isn't a record that should be overlooked. Kasual Recordings has always had an ear for great talents The Domus are a great addition to their accomplished roster.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Kasual Recordings is streaming The Domus' entire new record "Fractures":

Kasual Recordings has signed The Domus and will be releasing their debut album in February. Read more here or go to myspace to hear samples: