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New Switch Opens EP on the way

Switch Opens have announced that they'll be putting out a new digital EP on August 30 called "Joint clashes" which will feature five versions of the title tune; the original plus a new version, a remix by The Field and Faroyna and a guitar improv take by Kalle Skarin.

Swich Opens - Mirror man

Preview a new track from the upcoming Switch Opens album "Joint clash", due out this coming February via .

Transubstans picks up Switch Opens

Swedish rockers Switch Opens have signed with the excellent Swedish label . No word on a new release, but I'll keep you posted.

SR P3 Guld winners

The winners of this year's P3 Guld Awards:

Pop: Deportees
Artist: Lars Winnerbäck
Hip-hop/soul: Stor
Group: Kent
Song: Mando Diao - Dance with somebody
Dance: Fever Ray
Newcomer: Erik Hassle
Rock/metal: Switch Opens
Guldmicken (best live): Lars Winnerbäck

P3 Guld nominees are in

The nominees for this year's P3 Guld awards have been announced:

Fever Ray
Erik Hassle
Lorentz & M.Sakarias
Miike Snow
Agnes - Release Me
Erik Hassle - Hurtful
Markus Krunegård - Hela livet var ett disco
Mando Diao - Dance With Somebody
Promoe - Svennebanan
Fibes, Oh Fibes! - 1987
[Ingenting] - Tomhet, idel tomhet
Kent - Röd
Mando Diao - Give me fire
Takida - The darker instinct
Amanda Jenssen - Happyland
Jonathan Johansson - En hand i himlen
Markus Krunegård - Prinsen av Peking
Miss Li - Dancing the whole way home
Lars Winnerbäck - Tänk om jag ångrar mig och sen ångrar mig igen
Guldmicken (best live):
Miss Li
Jenny Wilson
Lars Winnerbäck
Adam Beyer – Various productions
Axwell – Various productions
Dada Life – Just do the dada
Fever Ray – Fever Ray
Samuel L Session – The man with the case
Lorentz & M. Sakarias – Vi mot världen
Mohammed Ali – Processen
Näääk – Näääk vem?
Promoe – Kråksången
Stor – Nya Skolans Ledare
Deportees – Under the pavement – the beach
Fever Ray – Fever Ray
Fontän – Winterwhila
Miike Snow – Miike Snow
Taken By Trees – East of Eden
Abramis Brama – Smakar söndag
Babian – Fullproppad, listtoppad, livrädd & uppstoppad
Gösta Berlings Saga – Detta har hänt
Satan Takes a Holiday – Satan takes a holiday
Switch Opens – Switch Opens

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Switch Opens debut due in September

Switch Opens (nee Fingerspitzengefühl) will release their self-titled debut album on September 9.

Swedish rockers Fingerspitzengefühl have abandoned their hard-to-pronounce German moniker and shall henceforth be known as Switch Opens. See their new myspace page: