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Presenting: B/B/S/

B/B/S/ = Erik Skodvin (Deaf Center/Svarte Greiner) + Aidan Baker (Nadja) + Andrea Belfi. An album has been recorded and will be released in 2013 via , in the meantime hear some live improv recordings here.

RA.309: Svarte Greiner

Check out a podcast mix and interview with Norwegian experimental/electronic artist Erik K Skodvin (Svarte Greiner/Deaf Center) over at Resident Advisor:

Svarte Greiner/Alexander Rishaug "Black oyster" tour album

Svarte Greiner and Alexander Rishaug are heading out on tour together and have put together a special mini-album CDr for the occasion which can be previewed above. 100 copies only, featuring two solo tracks and two cooperative ones for a total of about 30 minutes.

Svarte Greiner and Alexander Rishaug Black Oyster tour

Norwegian experimental artists Svarte Greiner and Alexander Rishaug are joining forces for the "Black Oyster" tour in November:

11/01 - NK, Berlin (GER)
11/03 - Worm, Rotterdam (NL)
11/05 - h(ear), Kunstencentrum Signe, Heerlen (NL)
11/08 - Espace B, Paris (FRA)
11/09 - Plattfon, Basel (CH)
11/10 - Alchemia, Krakow (POL)
11/12 - Nil Desperandum, Rhiz, Vienna (AUS)

For more Svarte Greiner/Deaf Center/Erik K Skodvin live dates this fall, hit up his website:

Juv: dark ambient brought to light

Coming out at the end of the month via , the self-titled debut 2xLP/CD from Juv aka Norwegian experimental/noise artists Are Mokkelbost and Marius von der Fehr, a collaboration finally seeing the light of day fourteen long years after it was initially conceived. Read more in this interview conducted by Erik Skodvin of Svarte Greiner:

The Silent Ballet reviews Erik K Skodvin

The Silent Ballet gives high marks to "Flare", the first release by Erik K Skodvin under his own name instead of Svarte Greiner:

Pitchfork reviews Svarte Greiner

Pitchfork likes Svarte Greiner's "Penpals forever (and ever)" a lot more than we do:

Svarte Greiner - Penpals forever (and ever)Svarte Greiner
Penpals forever (and ever)
Digitalis Recordings


The problem with Svarte Greiner (aka Norway's Erik K. Skodvin) is that it fails to create an atmosphere of any real note in a genre that is brimming with bands and projects that take the listener into all sorts of ethereal worlds. Total escapism is the name of the game in ambient circles and, while "Penpals forever" does offer that to a degree, it's more of a visual image of what Skodvin has done to create the sounds he has, rather than the otherworldly experience that listening to the likes of dark ambient sounds provides. As a result, the potential gloominess that Skodvin could have created is, for the most part, lost and we're left with more of a lesson in sound invention. Maybe this is his intention and, in that case, he's done a sterling job. However, this type of 'music' has been done countless times before and has produced much more profound results in the past. Horses for courses though, and maybe this type of askew instrumentalism is right up a lot of streets for some. For me it's just very average.
- John Norby

Svarte Greiner - Road

Preview a cut from Svarte Greiner off the forthcoming split 12" with Le Corbeau, due out in late November via :

Svarte Greiner to release tour CDR

Svarte Greiner won't be able to get copies of his new album "Penpals forever" in time for his upcoming US tour, so he's handmade 100 limited CDRs of various unreleased and live material to be sold instead. Full details and ordering info for anyone unable to make the live dates:

Svarte Greiner cassette to get LP/CD reissue + US tour

Svarte Greiner's 2008 CS release "Penpals forever (and ever)" will reissued on LP on May 31 via US label with a CD edition to follow on June 20, both of which will include three bonus tracks not on the original. Hear a sample ("B2") at myspace and watch for American tourdates to be confirmed soon:

Free live recording from Svarte Greiner

Norwegian drone artist Svarte Greiner has a 45-minute live set posted for free download, recorded in Moscow last year:

Svarte Greiner/Lakes of Grass and Gold 7" in the works

Norwegian drone artist Svarte Greiner will be doing a split 7" with Sweden's Lakes of Grass and Gold (aka Erik Enocksson) on in the not-so-distant future.

Svarte Greiner preps CS reissue, EU tour

Svarte Greiner, in addition to relocating to Berlin, will have his cassette release "Penpals forever" reissued on vinyl with an additional side of fresh music. Look for it in November via Digitalis under the name "Penpals forever and ever". In other news, a European tour is in the works for this fall and dates should be confirmed soon.

Pfork reviews drone artist Svarte Greiner

Pitchfork reviews the new Svarte Greiner album "Kappe":