Artist: Sign

Country: Iceland
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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Festival report: THE EVIL OF SÓDÓMA – Adventures in Icelandic Rock Over Iceland Airwaves

The Pitchfork guide to SXSW includes tips on many acts, including Scandinavians Serena Maneesh (natch), Figurines, The Ark, Sign, Disco Ensemble, Astrid Swan, Quit Your Dayjob, Animal Alpha, Sarah Hepburn and of course, José González. I'd also recommend tracking down Loney, Dear and Kristofer Åström.

The lineup for the Iceland Airwaves festival in October has been announced:
Scandinavian artists include The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Annie and José González along with local Icelandic acts Nine Elevens, Ampop, Apparat Organ Quartet, Bang Gang, Brain Police, Deep Jimi, Dr. Discoshrimp, Dikta, Eberg, Forgotten Lores, Gus Gus, Hairdoctor, Hjálmar, Jagúar, Jan Mayen, Leaves, Kimono, Mínus, Rass, Sign, Ske, Vinyl and Without Gravity.