Artist: Saturnalia Temple

Country: Sweden
Genre: Metal
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DJ Fenriz 40th anniversary "Slow Black Death" mix

Check out a new mix that Fenriz did for the blog AFITFOG in honor of his 40th birthday:
Quite a few Scandinavian selections on this, including cuts from Execration (best of 2011!), Rippikoulu, Faustcoven, Saturnalia Temple and Bathory.

Zero Tolerance interviews Saturnalia Temple

Zero Tolerance interviews Swedish occult doom metal act Saturnalia Temple:

Gross Anatomy: Saturnalia Temple

Highly esteemed artist Mr. Dennis Dread takes you behind the scenes into the creation of the artwork for "Aion of Drakon", the new album from Swedish doom act Saturnalia Temple:

Saturnalia Temple release date confirmed

The new Saturnalia Temple album "Aion of Drakon" has now been officially confirmed for release on May 1 to coincide with Walborg/Walpurgisnacht/May Day.

Saturnalia Temple album set for spring release

Swedish doom act Saturnalia Temple report that their new album "Aion of Drakon" has been sent off for pressing and will be released in April/May via / with artwork by Dennis Dread.

Saturnia Temple interview at Hellride Music

Hellride Music interviews Swedish doom act Saturnalia Temple:

Anja Offensive signs Saturnalia Temple

Swedish doom act Saturnalia Temple has signed with US label The Anja Offensive (Watain, Deathspell Omega) for the release of their self-titled debut full-length. The band aims to record over the winter for a summer/autumn 2010 release.