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MP3: Route of the Belated - Dog at your feet

Route of the Belated is the name of the new project from Danish artist Lasse Vestergaard, someone we've touched on before, albeit very briefly. This new project does well to defy expectations though - he's still got a strong rootsy vibe in his songwriting, but the music is much more atmospheric. Think Daniel Lanois, heck even Talk Talk comes to mind. Or for a more contemporary comparison, think The Grand Opening. The sounds are soaked in reverb, the bass is deep and booming and the recording is layered with all sorts of goodies, from subtle percussion on down to clever manipulations of background noise. "Dog at your feet" is the best example of playing up the Talk Talk/Mark Hollis vibes -- the track is based on a bluesy acoustic guitar riff, but the full spectrum of sound is other-worldly. Just listen to the separation in those drums. And the horns that sound like they're in a different dimension. Oh, and I also happen to really like songs that use dog metaphors. No surprise there.

Route of the Belated - Dog at your feet

Danish singer/songwriter Lars Vestergaard's new band Route of the Belated will release their debut album on October 10 via the newly-established label Gutter Baby. Hear samples:

Danish singer/songwriter Lasse Vestergaard has a new dreamy country/pop act called Route of the Belated. Listen here: