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Richard Reagh presents "The Ed Harris Masters" (video)

Richard Reagh explains the concept behind his latest project "The Ed Harris Masters", a series of five digital singles he'll be releasing in the near future. As for the Marvin Gaye cover he references, you can find it here.

Richard Reagh - Ain't gonna get in the way of my girl

Download a new single from Richard Reagh:
Richard's new album "I'm younger than that now" is out now via .

Richard Reagh - I don't cry

Download a new song from Swedish artist Richard Reagh:
Look for his new album "I'm younger than that now" to be released on February 24 via .

Richard Reagh - Beautiful veins

Download the new Richard Reagh single "Beautiful veins":'m_Younger_Than_That_Now/Beautiful_Veins.mp3
Look for the album "I'm younger than that now" to appear sometime around early October.

Richard Reagh has started working on a new album:

Richard Reagh has unearthed a few rarities and old tunes for free download:

PopMatters reviews Richard Reagh:

The new Richard Reagh single "The P song" is now available as a free download along with two remixes:

Pitchfork does the track review thing with Richard Reagh:

Richard Reagh
Is this the blues I'm singing
This is Pop


Apparently Canadian-born Richard Reagh has been busy in his little woodland retreat outside Stockholm, creating his own little aural technicolor dreamcoat, sewn together with dozens of little sampler patches from a multitude of sources. Sometimes the resulting pattern is pleasing Ė Montt Mardiť's contribution for "Boo Backe" simply sparkles in sequined brilliance. Sometimes it's a bit garish - I'm not convinced snippets of "Ring my bell" and "Copacabana" really work in an otherwise somber song about war. But it's always interesting. And wisely, he leaves all accessories behind for a sparse, breathless collaboration with El Perro Del Mar on Neil Young's "Hangin' on a limb". If Richard's singing the blues, he's disguised it well among electronic bleeps, squeaks and tinkles to fashion a rather sexy, if not outrageous, little addition to any daring wardrobe.
- Stacey Shackford

The Mr Suitcase remix may have already been posted on Discobelle, but now the Sophie Rimheden remix of "Winter light" by Richard Reagh is online as well:

Discobelle has a new Mr Suitcase remix of Richard Reagh's "Winter light":

The new Richard Reagh single "Boo backe" featuring Montt Mardiť is now available as a free download along with two remixes from Flow Flux Clan:
Personally, I'm not digging this at all, but maybe you'll like it.

Richard Reagh will be releasing a new single entitled "Boo backe" featuring Montt Mardiť for free download on November 22:

Check out the Paddy aka Patrik Lindgren remix of Richard Reagh's "The birdsís hormones are in abundance" (SIC):