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Viola - Traitor on the inside (Red Carpet cover)

Viola's free song for August is a cover of friends and countrymates Red Carpet and their song "Traitor on the inside":

MyFriends: Axe, Cortina, KA SO RE, My Sweet Life, Palpitation, Ryerye

Red Carpet will be releasing one last 3-song CDR single for their final show on November 28 at Dubrovnik in Helsinki. Listen to two of them at myspace, including their cover of "Sad eyed disco dancers" by ex-labelmates Viola:

Finnish indie act Red Carpet have decided to call it a day, but will play one last show on November 28 at Dubrovnik in Helsinki supporting fellow Finns Bridget who will be playing with a newly revived lineup. That latter act also a new record on the way, pleasingly titled "Be careful it's a trap".

Finland's Viola (as heard on "Reader's companion volume two") will be doing their annual special summer show on Saturday, June 6 and this year's festivities will include a set of classic power-ballads and a cover set by indiepop act Red Carpet. Read more:

Neumu likes Finnish indiepop group Red Carpet:
I have the CD available for purchase right here.

Tolbiac, the solo project of Veli from Finnish indiepop act Red Carpet, has posted an albums worth of material for free download:

Finnish indiepop act Red Carpet has posted a rough live version of the song "No one else" for free download:

Also: Just got a shipment of new CDs from If Society including the latest from Red Carpet, Boys of Scandinavia and Viola. First three lucky folks to order any of these bad boys also gets a free label sampler! Buy now!

Red Carpet - The noise of Red CarpetRed Carpet
The noise of Red Carpet
If Society

The noise is not to be found here, rather what is on this record is a lot of good pop songs that cover a wide range of genre such as post-punk, punk, folk and rock. Mostly based around voice and acoustic guitar it doesn't sound like a singer-songwriter gone lonely. Sounds a lot like David and the Citizens, which is not a bad comparison to be afflicted with. Not bad.
- Simon Thibaudeau

Finnish indiepop act Red Carpet will have their latest album "The noise of Red Carpet" released in Japan on November 17 via Quince Records. The Japanese version will have a slightly different track list and will also include the song "Leave a light on", the b-side from the "Summertime" 7". (buy here)

Check out a preview track from the upcoming Red Carpet album "The noise of Red Carpet":
It comes out September 28 via If Society.

The new Red Carpet album will now be called "The noise of Red Carpet". It comes out September 28 via If Society.

If Society's release schedule for the rest of the year:

08/24 - Frivolvol - "Frivolous vol 2: The False Security Program" CD (IF-28)
09/28 - Red Carpet CD (IF-29)
11/02 - Boys of Scandinavia CD-single (IF-30)
11/23 - Boys of Scandinavia CD (IF-31)
11/23 - Viola CD (IF-32)

Lo-fi Finnish act Red Carpet will release their second album, tentatively titled "The noise of Red Carpet" on September 28 via the always-trustworthy label If Society.