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RebekkaMaria & The Hymnboy present "Friendly duets"

Danish artists RebekkaMaria and The Hymnboy (aka Jonas Petersen of Hymns from Nineveh) are releasing a live duet album called simply "Friendly duets", to be released digitally on April 30.

RebekkaMaria - Winter winterkill

Danish artist RebekkaMaria has a new remix track posted for your seasonal enjoyment:

Gaffa DK Music Awards 2010

The nominees for Gaffa's Danish music awards have been announced:

De Eneste To - De eneste to (/)
Efterklang - Magic chairs ()
Kashmir - Trespassers ()
The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Howl at the moon ()
The Rumour Said Fire - The arrogant ()

De Eneste To (/)
Efterklang ()
Kashmir ()
The Floor Is Made Of Lava ()
The Rumour Said Fire ()

Female artist:
Fallulah ()
Henriette Sennenwaldt (

Male artist:
Jacob Bellens (Murder) ()
Jesper Lidang (The Rumour Said Fire) ()
Kasper Eistrup (Kashmir) ()
Sren Huss ()
Tobias Kippenberger (The Floor Is Made Of Lava) ()

De Eneste To (/)
Fallulah ()
Ginger Ninja ()
The Rumour Said Fire ()
Vinnie Who ()

Hit song:
Dn - Dry lips ()
Dn - Let go of your love ()
Hej Matematik - Party i Provinsen ()
Nephew Feat. Landsholdet - The Danish way to rock ()
Turboweekend - Trouble is ()

Music video:
Burhan G Feat. Nik & Jay - Tttere p himlen (dir: Michael Sauer Christensen) ()
De Eneste To - Morten (dir: Casper Dalhoff) (/)
Kashmir - Still boy (dir: Jakob Printzlau) ()
The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Leave me now (dir: Casper Balslev) ()
Under Byen - Unoder (dir: Manyar I. Parwani) (

Full list:

RebekkaMaria - Corollaceous (video)

RebekkaMaria has a video for her latest single "Corollaceous":

RebekkaMaria confirms release date for new solo record

RebekkaMaria (nee As nn RebekkaMaria) has confirmed that her new solo album "Sister sortie", her second overall but first under the new nomenclature, will be released on March 1. The first single "Oh solitude" is streaming at mysapce, along with a remix version:

A:Larm Music announces first releases for 2010

Gaffa has posted details on the upcoming Q1 release schedule for Danish label/distributor : (in Danish)
Artists with records on the way include Ghost Society, Under Byen, RebekkaMaria, Sterling and more.

Submarine Sessions 9-17

They aren't all online yet it seems, but the 2nd batch of Submarine Sessions featuring live performances in the belly of a sub from the likes of Powersolo, I Got You on Tape, RebekkaMaria and Taxi Taxi! is now online:

As in RebekkaMaria now just RebekkaMaria

Danish artist As in RebekkaMaria has dropped the "As in" from her name and will henceforth be known as only RebekkaMaria. She will be releasing a new album in early 2010 and the first single "Oh solitude" can already be heard at myspace along with the b-side "Robin parts":

A Kid Hereafter's new single "The circuits of your mind" (ft. RebekkaMaria) is now streaming at myspace:
As mentioned previously, the new album "Yo!" will be out October 6.

RebekkaMaria - Queen of FranceRebekkaMaria
Queen of France
A:larm Music


Icy, avant-garde electro pop has long been a fixture of Scandinavian music, ranging from the dense, arty compositions of The Knife to pop flavored chart toppers like Robyn. "Queen of France" (the debut solo album from Lampshade frontwoman RebekkaMaria Andersson) falls somewhere in the middle. The first half of the record was definitely crafted with a pop song structure in mind, while the latter half is much more experimental and less immediate. Tracks like "Yours truly" and "She lion" hit you over the head on the first listen with their confident melodies and infectious attitude, but from there, the album becomes decidedly less mainstream. The bizarre helium-induced "Army of foxy" initiates this change, but it's tame compared to head-scratchers like "The foam" and "Happy birthday". Fans of the genre will love it, and there's no denying the creativity that went into the record, but most listeners will probably wish that the entire album played to the strengths of the first four tracks.
- Nick James

MP3: RebekkaMaria - She lion

I don't post a lot of remix stuff on here because, generally speaking, I find the whole scene to be boring. Not only are they often totally unnecessary, the sheer numbers are so damn overwhelming that even when they are good, it's still incredibly hard to keep track of 'em. Unfortunately, as with today's track, I'm stymied by what I've been given so that's all I have to work with. On the other hand, this isn't always such a terrible burden as the mp3 I'm posting is actually quite good, it's more that it goes against my natural preference for album material. Anyhow, As In RebekkaMaria is the solo act of Lampshade frontwoman RebekkaMaria Andersson, a band that I'm quite fond of and have posted about often. Her debut album "Queen of France" finally comes out on March 17 and I believe that "She lion" is her latest single and that's where our song selection comes from. Despite the presence of big-name remix talents like SuperTroels and Kasper Bjrke, the best b-side on this single comes courtesy of yet another Dane, a gentleman by the name of Pato. He's the only one who bothers to take the material in a different direction, giving it a skittery synth hook and a fun polka beat. As for the other guys' unimaginative MOR electro tedium, why bother? That shit is dime-a-dozen. It's better to try and fail than not try at all.

RebekkaMaria - She lion (Pato sick hangover remix)

Lampshade frontwoman RebekkaMaria will release her debut 12" solo single "Part of the game" using the moniker As In RebekkaMaria on June 2 via Attack Music to coincide with her performance at the Spot Festival. B-sides include the track "Cowboy song" as well as remixes from SuperTroels, Kernefamilien and Varano. Listen here:

Top 10s for 2006: Staff picks

Lampshade frontwoman RebekkaMaria is working on a soloproject along some of her bandmates and Johannes Nidam from Campsite. The name of the project is called As In RebekkaMaria and the music is described as "pop with a twist," citing influences as diverse as Brigitte Bardot, The Knife, Cat Power and Sufjan Stevens.

Namur - Songs from the valley of BacaNamur
Songs from the valley of Baca

The style of music offered up by Namur, essentially the solo project of Sweden's David hln, deserves a good, descriptive name. I'm sick of words like "slowcore" and "shoegaze" to describe this style of heavily atmospheric, churning melancholia. But there may be no substitute for "electro ambient dream pop," the title of a real Yahoo! group. That's pretty accurate, so let's go with it. "Songs from the valley of Baca" is the third Namur release and it's a thing of fragile beauty. Rather minimal, with some fuzzy, My Bloody Valentine-style guitar drone and superb drumming complementing hln's soft, compellingly shy vocals. "Consuming fire" and "Marching" are exceptionally fine, emotionally stirring tunes (especially the keening vocal on that latter track), and again I have to mention the beauty of the drums... clean, loud and hypnotic a la John Bonham. The vocals are mixed almost in the background, like they're just part of the blissful, foggy ambience. "Vesper" is a solemn, beatless song which is deeply melancholy... you'll get as lost in thought as the singer seems to be if you just drift with this wisp of a tune. And "Brighter than the sun" sounds uncannily like Sigur Ros, just a bit less lush; but the textural organ and little snowflake synth flurries are quite captivating. And the vocal's emotive power is doubled here. Rebekkamaria from Lampshade provides harmonies on one track, but otherwise, this is a pretty singular affair, and it's as light as a dream. Very pretty, haunting music worth drifting off to sleep to...
- Kevin Renick