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Glad Påsk! Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend!

Watch the video for "Long Beach" from Laakso: high / low

Startracks has announced a new signing - their first since picking up the Loosegoats in '96. And the lucky band is Tiger Lou aka Rasmus Kellerman. He used to be in EM/Music By EM, but has now gone solo. His first show ever with a backing band is at Popaganda fest in Stockholm on May 30, but he's also hitting the road by himself:

4/21 - Lübeck D Cafe Brasil
4/22 - Oldenburg D Alhambra w/Karate, One Man and His Droid
4/23 - Hamburg D Molotow w/Me Without You
4/24 - Köln D Underground w/Karate
4/25 - Wolfenbüttel D Juz Harztorwall w/Karate
4/26 - Konzert Geschlossene Veranstaltung
4/27 - Freiburg D KTS w/NRA, Oil
4/28 - TRIER D Ex-Haus
4/29 - Aflenz A Sublime
4/30 - Wien A Shelter w/Karate
5/01 - München D Kafe Kult w/Karate
5/02 - Leverkusen D Pentagon
5/07 - Stockholm S Lava w/Lova and Dexter's Moon

Look for a 4-song EP in May/June. More info here.

For a limited time you can view the new Fireside video for the song "All You Had". Manne Lindvall filmed it and Leif Andree stars. Very entertaining.

Nicolai Dunger has booked himself a couple new gigs around the UK:

5/27 - Nottingham Rescue Rooms w/Matt Elliott (solo)
5/28 - Brighton Albert Inn (solo)
5/29 - London Union Chapel w/The Frames (band)

NorthSide Records has posted mp3s for two new albums that are coming out June 3. First is "Vettoi" (excerpt) from Hedningarna and their new CD "1989-2003", a best-of collection that includes a couple new tracks. Next is "Mikkel Per / Kus Erik" from Frifot's new album "Sluring". If you're curious about tracing the roots of Nordic music, I strongly encourage you the check this stuff out.

Uppsala Hio-hop duo Allied Forces have their debut 12" coming out soon. It'll be called "Ögon I Nacken" and will feature a guest appearance from Highwon and production from Masse.

The Sounds are now booked to play the outdoor stage at Gröna Lund in Stockholm on June 18. The rest of the acts confirmed so far for the venue this summer are:

4/30 - The Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Ark, Mando Diao (view poster)
5/9 - Melody Club
5/23 - Dilba vs. Stephen Simmond

In case you weren't already aware, the pop group Alcazar worked together with the Pet Shop Boys to write some new songs. Here's an short interview/article from Expressen on the subject. (in Swedish) Oh, and feel free to catch 'em on tour too:

4/18 - Ö-vik, Parken (S)
4/19 - Höör, Jägersbo (S)
4/23 - Stockholm, Company Party (S)
4/25 - Sälen, HC (S)
5/03 - Sölden, Snowmove (Austria)
5/10 - Amsterdam (NL)
5/15 - Nurnberg (Germany)
5/24 - Jönköping, Rix FM (S)
5/27 - Stockholm, Company Party (S)
5/30 - Umeå, Festen (S)
5/31 - Gislaved, Sigges Loge (S)
6/06 - Stockholm, Gröna Lund (S)
6/07 - Eringsboda Brunn (S)
6/08 - Sätela (S)
6/18 - Neubrandenburg, NDR (Germany)
6/19 - Bad Arolsen, Festival (Germany)
6/26 - Ludvika, City Festival (S)
6/27 - Enköping, City Festival, (S)
6/28 - Klagenfurt, Cityfestival (S)
7/02 - Sundsvall, Gatufesten (S)
7/12 - Tidan, Olstorp (S)
7/18 - Sölvesborg, Hanöhus (S)
7/19 - Bergen, NDR (Germany)
7/25 - Borlänge, Rommehed (S)
7/26 - Sunne, Fryksdalsdansen (S)
7/27 - Eskilstuna, Parken (S)
7/28 - Zurich, Pride (Switzerland)
7/30 - Ellös, Parken (S)
7/31 - Bromölla, Dagarna (S)
8/02 - Stockholm, Pride (S)
8/15 - Paris, NRJ (France)
8/16 - Gothenburg, Liseberg (S)
8/17 - Berlin, NRJ (Germany)
8/30 - Östervåla, Parken (S)
9/06 - Pasewalk, NDR (Germany)
11/01 - Bryssels, Company Party (Begium)