Artist: Ram Di Dam

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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Ram Di Dam - Different beat (video)

A new single from Göteborg indiepop act Ram Di Dam. Look for the band's debut album to be released soon via /.

Stranded signs Ram Di Dam

imprint has added Ram Di Dam to their roster and will be releasing their new single "Leave a mark" on May 25 as part of the label's 7" series. Preview at Facebook:

MP3: Ram Di Dam - Flashbacks

Here's another track that isn't so much out-and-out bad as much as it's relentlessly mediocre. The Strokes sounded fresh when they first hit the scene with this sound back in 2001, eight years later it's time to go back to the drawing board if you can't find new inspiration. Or maybe that's what the title of the song is referring to? Either way, totally pointless.

Ram Di Dam - Flashbacks

Swedish indie act Ram Di Dam has signed with Mock Turtle Records, the label run by Erik Londré of Bonnie & Clyde/The Spurts. A full-length album will be released in January/February, but the first single "Flashbacks" is already streaming at myspace:

MP3: Bonnie & Clyde - I guess there's no one

It's Saturday, the final day of Hultsfred, but I won't let that stop me from posting a new entry in our Göteborg Spotlight Series. This week's guest: Erik Londré from Bonnie & Clyde and The Spurts.

First off, the standard question: how long have you lived in Gbg? Where did you move from and what keeps you there?

I have lived in Gothenburg all my life except for short stints as a chef in France and a mod in London. Now I got myself so tangled up in everything it would be impossible for me to move or even take a vacation. At least that's how it feels like.

I play bass with Bonnie & Clyde and The Spurts. I run my own managing company No Good Productions who take care of both my bands as well as the best band in the world; Ram Di Dam. I organise club nights and gigs under the name No Good Club. Now I'm planning on starting a record label as well that would be called No Good Records surprisingly enough.

I tend to keep busy.

How healthy do you think the local Gbg indie scene is nowadays? Good bands? Good venues? Is there enough diversity? How do you think it compares to the scene of 5/10+ years ago?

The Gbg indie scene in is dead! Long live the Gbg indie scene!

It's brilliant right now and it's getting better! There is a new scene on the rise with a couple of bands that I'm pretty sure will make it big. Bands without any ironic touch, silly gimmicks or iPods on stage. Bands that really know how to play and write fantastic music: The Fume, Bye Bye Bicycle, Ram Di Dam and I really hope for B&C and The Spurts as well of course.

There you got it! Gothenburg's soon-to-be legendary new indie scene. Remember where you heard it first!

Speaking of diversity, how much crossover do you see happening between various music scenes? Or does everyone stick to their own niche, more or less?

Well, basically none. It might sound harsh, but right now we are not so interested in what's happening on the other scenes around the city or anywhere else. We are to busy doing our thing. Or inventing it more or less.

What does Gbg have to offer that no other Swedish city can compete with? On the flipside, is there anything it lacks?

My father, who is musician as well, has written a song where the lyrics, translated from Swedish, go: This town is too small to live in but much too big to leave. Thats pretty much how it is and not even Henrik Berggren could have said it better.

We love our city as much as we hate it. It feeds us as much as it feeds on us. It's not always a healthy relationship but we like it that way.

Since you play in both the Spurts and Bonnie & Clyde, this may be difficult, but here's the deal: pick a favorite, give me a song to post and tell me how you came to your decision.

Bonnie & Clyde - I guess there's no one

It's the first track on our brand new EP ("The great tram robbery") and I'm really proud to be a part of it because I think its a great song. We had our release party yesterday (7/6), it was fantastic! Lots of sparkling wine!

Right now I am waiting for the painkiller to kick in so I can go buy some breakfast. I hope I made my point?

Bonnie & Clyde - I guess there's no one