Artist: Punky's Dilemma

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Swedish indiepop act Punky's Dilemma has recently finished recording some material and is seeking an outlet to release it. In the meantime, head to their website to download their 2006 EP "Echelon" along with a few unreleased tracks:
I like this band - well worth checking out.

Junk Music has announced the signing of Punky's Dilemma and will release their debut EP "Echelon" on April 10. I remember hearing their demo a year or so ago and being impressed, so it's nice to see that someone is providing them with a proper record deal.

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Punky's Dilemma

Straight from the Simon & Garfunkel song comes Punky's Dilemma and their new-folk that is not much different from the originator of the name. Beautiful pop songs made with a couple of acoustic guitars, a voice that is similar to Paul Simon's, some female backing vocals and the occasional keyboard/electronic buried in the mix. Punky's Dilemma certainly won't make history but I am willing to guess that it wasn't their goal to begin with. Not bad, but it certainly gets old after the third or fourth song.
- Simon Thibaudeau