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New music from Principe Valiente

Swedish goth/post-punk act Principe Valiente (ex-Psycho Sonic Cindy) are streaming three new tracks at myspace:

Psycho Sonic Cindy has called it a day. Members Johan and Ellie will become parents of a baby boy come September and Jake is busy with the band Principe Valiente while Bea is now working with The Cat Killers.

Psycho Sonic Cindy
Start it up
Dead Frog Records

The music of this Stockholm outfit is fast, brash and melodic, with plenty of nods to early punk. Frontwoman Bea Persson's singing adds a poppier side to the sound, especially on the title track. The standout is "Pretty little thing", with Persson sounding a bit like Shirley Manson of Garbage and guitarist Johan Andersson weaving a hypnotic stairstep riff in and out of the faster parts. Parts of the album drag because some of the songs are indistinguishable. In fact, the whole thing has the air of a band fighting--with mixed results--to capture its live sound in the studio. Jacob Malmström's primitive, relentless drumming gives every indication that this a group meant for the stage. I'll continue listening to a few of these songs--but I'd rather see them in concert some time.
- Matthew W. Smith

This week's top 20 Swedish student radio chart:

01. (10) K-Os - "Crabbuckit"
02. (01) De Stijl - "Queen Midas"
03. (02) 22 Pistepirkko - "Rat King"
04. (05) Lo-Fi-Fnk - "... and the JFG"
05. (07) Hot Hot Heat - "Goodnight Goodnight"
06. (19) Amerie - "1 Thing"
07. (NY) Rilo Kiley - "It's a Hit"
08. (03) New Order - "Krafty"
09. (09) Maximo Park - "Apply Some Pressure"
10. (06) Jenny Wilson - "Summer Time"
11. (04) Hello Kinski - "My Baby Should Be Home By Now"
12. (11) Basement Jaxx - "Oh My Gosh"
13. (08) Stereophonics - "Dakota"
14. (ÅT) Radio Luxemburg - "It's Cruel Up North"
15. (NY) The Similou - "Ladykillers"
16. (NY) The Killers - "Mr Brightside"
17. (16) Embee med José González - "Send Someone Away"
18. (20) Millencolin - "Ray"
19. (NY) Kleerup - "Medication"
20. (18) Diplo - "Newsflash"

Leaving the chart: Psycho Sonic Cindy, Chick Habit, Moby, Kristofer Åstrom & Hidden Truck and Doves.

Listen to the new Psycho Sonic Cindy track "Hey hey hey":
The song comes from the band's latest album "Start it up", out now via Dead Frog Records.

Psycho Sonic Cindy has a new website:

Top 10s for 2004: Fredrik Muskos (Dead Frog Records)

Check out the video for "Yeahbabyc'mon" from Psycho Sonic Cindy:

The new Psycho Sonic Cindy single "Yeahbabyc'mon" comes out today on Dead Frog Records in a special 3" mini CD format. Download the track right here:

The latest news from Dead Frog Records:

There are a number of major releases coming up in the next few weeks. First in line are Mary Celeste, who release their second album, "Transcelebration", on Monday, 26 April. One week later, it's Waver's turn to release their debut album, "Population: fifteen". You've got a good chance of seeing Waver live if you happen to be in the Stockholm area as they've got several gigs booked during May.
Other releases in the near future come from Paste, who release their second full-length album, "Sequel", and Kordon, with their debut album "Totally Not Lame". New singles are also on the way from Parker and Psycho Sonic Cindy. PSC's single is in a rather unusual format and the video is said to be a bit risqué, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. Holden will release "God is Good" in May. This is the third video from their album, and a strong follow-up to the success they recently enjoyed in the US.

Psycho sonic cindy (nee Orange Crunch) will release a new single this spring called "Yeah Baby C'mon" via Dead Frog Records.