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Plan Three - Live @ Valhall, Skövde 10/06/2007Plan Three
Live @ Valhall, Skövde 10/06/2007


The Swedish "emo" rock band Plan Three, with origins from our grand capitol, couldn't have picked at better act to open up for than Takida. And the audience couldn't have picked a better-suited band than Plan Three to warm them up either. I had a discussion with at friend about what "emo" really stand for today. What does an "emo" band look like, what do they sound like? My friend said, "They wear makeup around their eyes, they use keyboards and they sound really mad and depressed." Well, I don't know about the "sounding really mad and depressed"-thing, but Plan Three do wear make up and make use of keyboards. Think Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy and Bullet for My Valentine and I think you have a more or less correct image of Plan Three. "Emo" or not, these guys knows how to put on a good show, the set is explosive and tight, for that they are treated like kings from the audience. As I said, a perfect warm-up.
- Christian Stenbacke