Artist: Pestida

Country: Finland
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Surface parallel
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Pestida - Surface parallelPestida
Surface parallel
Around Your Neck


Another solid member of the Around Your Neck family, home also to Johnny Superhero, Pestida feel like an uncovered relic from that box of albums you bought in the 1990s. Like Johnny Superhero's "Choices", "Surface parallel" feels like a beginning, akin to their 90s influences instead of synthesizing them into a 'redefined' sound. This recalls the beginning of the 'emo' and post-hardcore scenes, wonderfully oblivious to the years and years of music that has been released since Pavement's "Brighten the corners" or the efforts of bands like Mineral and Knapsack. This album is not for everyone: the vocal delivery could easily catch some ears as too quirky or off key, the songwriting's solidarity with the bands of the mid- to late-90s might seem outdated to some, but if these obstacles can be overcome, "Surface parallel" has much to offer. If you need more evidence, find the track "Another circle" and listen for yourself. It will make you miss those flannel shirts you donated to the Salvation Army and long for the nights you spent as a teenager staring up at your ceiling, listening to Sunny Day Real Estate, missing someone.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson