Artist: Pernilla Andersson

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Pernilla Andersson
Baby blue


I don't know much about Pernilla Andersson, except that she seems packaged for mass consumption, with lots of glossy photos and fancy production. And indeed, she's got an easily accessible adult radio sound that even my old dad would appreciate. A shot of soul, a jigger of jazz, a healthy pouring of pop makes for one smooth cocktail. Think KT Tunstall. But with an unexpected nod to Depeche Mode and brace yourself Social Distortion. Yup, there's a barely recognizable cover of "Angel's wings", complete with harmonica, and a surprisingly dark "Enjoy the silence". Is she trying to be quirky? Or to steal Robbie Williams' title for most requested funeral anthem? Perhaps. But, as much as I hate to admit it, I kinda like it. Especially opening track "Red", and single "Scary ordinary". File under 'guilty pleasures', and enjoy the occasional big swig.
- Stacey Shackford