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The street of seven stars
Illusion Records

Any time I find out about a new artist from Bergen, Norway, I immediately snap to attention, since several of my all-time favorite Scandi acts come from there. And Bergen is well established as one of the most amazingly creative places in the music world. So now the city gives us Paynbird and their debut album "The street of seven stars". Comparisons don't immediately come to mind, but the band offers a leisurely paced brand of introspective, jangly indie rock that blends acoustic and electric guitars roughly equally. Vocalist Kjersti Olsen has presence and emotional focus, although I wouldn't call hers a "classic voice" (it's just a shade too weary). But the arrangements are appealing and the production typically bright and clear. Three listens reveal this album to be a real grower, the kind of thing that'll insinuate itself into your subconscious and sound really great on some moody afternoon. Gotta love that Nordic melancholy!
- Kevin Renick