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2012 Manifest Award winners

Here are the winners of the 2012 Manifest award, Sweden's indie/alternative Grammy:

Folk/Ballad: Siri Karlsson - Gran Fuego ()
Experimental: Hanna Hartman - H ^ 2 ()
Punk: Obnoxious Youth - The Eternal Void ()
Dance: Jonsson/Alter - Samlad årsproduktion ()
Hardrock: Opeth - Heritage ()
Rhythm: Simone Moreno - Planetas ()
Singer/Songwriter/Country/Americana: Ane Brun - It All Start With One ()
Rock: Pascal/Mattias Alkberg - Allt det här ()
Best Unsigned: Death By Armborst
Jazz: Jonas Holgersson - Snick Snack ()
Hip-Hop: Mofeta & Jerre - Briljanter & Smaragder ()
Synth: Necro Facility - Wintermute ()
Pop: Azure Blue - Rule of thirds ()
Best live act: This is Head ()
SKAP/Manifest Prize for best lyrics: Philip Ekström - Det Vackra Livet ()
SKAP/Manifest Prize for best composer: Maria Lindén - I Break Horses ()
Manifest Prize for best indie: Popkollo

2012 Manifest Award nominees

The nominees for the 2012 Manifest Awards, Sweden's alternative/indie Grammy, have been announced:

Marin/Marin – Småfolket ()
Merit Hemmingson – EQ ()
Navarra – Nya fönster ()
Siri Karlsson – Gran Fuego ()

Skudge – Samlad årsproduktion ()
Jonsson/Alter – Samlad årsproduktion ()
The Field – Looping State of mind ()
Pallers – The Sea Of Memories ()

Sju Svåra År – Storma varje hjärta ()
Obnoxious Youth – The Eternal Void ()
Vånna Inget – Allvar ()
Black Feet – Black Feet ()

Mofeta & Jerre – Briljanter & Smaragder ()
Ison & Fille – För evigt ()
Mohammed Ali – Vi ()
Roffe Ruff – Barrabas ()

Hans Appelqvist – Sjunga slutet nu ()
Hanna Hartman – H ^ 2 ()
Ophir – Opus Operatum ()
Midaircondo feat. Michala Østergaard-Nielsen – Reports on the Horizon ()

In Solitude – The World. The Flesh. The Devil ()
Opeth – Heritage ()
Terra Tenebrosa – The Tunnels ()
The Haunted – Unseen ()

Syster Sol – Kichinga! ()
Simone Moreno – Planetas ()
Kapten Röd – Fläcken Som Aldrig Går Bort ()
OK Star Orchestra – The Beat and the Melody ()

Azure Blue – Rule of thirds ()
Jonathan Johansson – Klagomuren ()
Korallreven – An album by Korallreven ()
Loney Dear – Hall Music ()

Pascal/Mattias Alkberg – Allt det här ()
Kajsa Grytt – En kvinna under påverkan ()
Bob Hund - Det överexponerade gömstället ()
Tramp – Indigo ()

Henric de la Cour – Henric de la Cour ()
Necro Facility – Wintermute ()
Mr Jones Machine – Monokrom ()
Covenant – Modern Ruin ()

Jonas Holgersson – Snick Snack ()
Parti & Minut – Från klart till halvklart ()
Priming Orchestra – Deep Blue ()
The Splendor – Delphian Palace ()

Best Unsigned:
Death By Armborst
Schizo and the Personalities

Brothers of End – Mount Inside ()
Ane Brun – It All Start With One ()
Promise & the Monster – Red Tide ()
Lars Bygdén – Songs I Wrote ()

Best live act:
Kriget ()
This is Head ()
Graveyard ()
Mattias Alkberg ()

Interesting to see and dominating their respective niches. Winners will be announced on February 3 at a ceremony at Nalen in Stockholm. Read more:

Top 10s for 2011: Mattias Alkberg

Top 10s for 2011: Kvalität

Top 10s for 2011: Daggan Stamenkovic (Novoton)

Klubbland #35: Pascal

There's a new episode of Klubbland online now featuring three live tracks from Pascal:

Du Pacque - Erotique Du Pacque (album teaser)

It's been in the works for awhile, but it's finally confirmed that Du Pacque's debut full-length "Erotique Du Pacque" will be released on September 28. The band will play a record release gig that same night at Debaser Slussen in Stockholm with Pascal.

Allt det här sampler

Sample the new Pascal/Mattias Alkberg split "Allt det här", out now via . Direct link:

Absolut Noise vs Allt det här

Absolut Noise talks about the new Pascal/Mattias Alkberg split and also interviews members of both bands:

Pascal/Mattias Alkberg split details

Details have been revealed for the upcoming Pascal/Mattias Alkberg split:
Pascal contribute 5 tunes, including a cover of Peter LeMarc's "Håll om mig" with Matti on guest vocals while Matti gives us 4 tunes with his cover selection being "Regnet i Södertälje" by Conny Nimmersjö. The official release date is April 13 via .

Mattias Alkberg added to April Clubnight

Mattias Alkberg has been added to the April 9th edition of It's a Trap! Clubnight at Debaser Malmö! That makes the full evening's lineup Pascal + Sad Day For Puppets + Mattias Alkberg, which of course adds up to totally awesome.

Text & Musik, the festival

"Text & Musik" is the name of a new Swedish festival celebrating just that; two nights, two cities, twelve bands, including Mattias Alkberg, Kajsa Grytt, Pascal, Ulf Stureson, Conny Nimmersjö, Magnus Ekelund, The Bells, Hospitalet and more. The first night will take place July 27 at Kägelbanan in Stockholm and from there it will move to Storsjöyran in Östersund way up north for the 29th. Full details at Mattias Alkberg's website:

It's a Trap! Clubnights spring update

Thanks to everyone who came out to this weekend's It's a Trap! Clubnight at Debaser Malmö for once again making it a success! The more people that come out, the more we're able to keep bringing you killer shows, like these ones we just confirmed:

03/30 - Syket + First Love, Last Rites
05/28 - Paper

And of course, the previously confirmed Pascal/Sad Day for Puppets show on April 9. See you there?

Manifest 2011 nominees are go

The nominees for the 2011 Manifest Awards, Sweden's indie/alternative Grammy, have been announced:

Anna von Hausswolff - Singing from the grave (/)
jj - jj No 3 ()
CEO - White Magic ()
Nicolas Makelberge - The Unforgettable Planet ()

Cloud - Hökarängen Space Program ()
Dmitry Fyodorov - Shapeless ()
Jarl & Fotmeijer - Lifesigns ()
Skudge - Samlad produktion ()

Code 64 - Trialogue ()
Cryo - Hidden Aggression ()
Page - Nu ()
Social Ambitions - Almost gone ()

Ghost - Opus Eponymous ()
Watain - Lawless Darkness ()
Khoma - A final storm ()
Dark Tranquility - We are the void ()

Haci Tekbilek - Türlü ()
Helt Off - Marknadens Soldat ()
Million Stylez - Everyday ()
Serengeti - Standing Steady ()

Elin Larsson Group - Live and Alive ()
Lekverk - Everyday ()
NEO (Nässjö Extreme Orchestra) - NEO ()
The Country - The Country ()

Antipati - Frågor som rör det allmänna ()
Hårda Tider - Gatan Kallar ()
Old Fashioned Ideas - We're in this shit together ()
The Baboon Show - Punk Rock harbour ()

Academics - Tare Lugnt 4 ()
Carlito - Guldburen ()
PH3 - Löser ett fall ()
Zacke - Visst är det vackert ()

Bad Hands - Take The Money And Run ()
Dundertåget - Dom feta åren är förbi ()
Pascal - Orkanen närmar sig ()
The Bear Quartet - Monty Python ()

Anders Svensson, Magnus Gustafsson, Susanne Gustafsson, Anders Löfberg, Jörgen Svensson - Bålgetingen, Låtar efter August Strömberg ()
Mats Edén, Daniel Sandén-Warg, Leif Stinnerbom, Magnus Stinnerbom - Anno 2010 ()
OK Star Orchestra - Sound Classique ()
Ola Magnell - Rolös ()

Ombudsman - And His Father Was A Great Machine ()
Erik Enocksson - Man tänker sitt ()
Leif Jordansson - The Comet / The Doll Maker ()
New Tango Orquesta - Vesper ()

I'm Kingfisher - Arctic ()
Daniel Norgren - Horrifying Death Eating Blood Spider ()
The Tarantula Waltz - Did Not Leave To Find But To Forget, To Leave Behind ()
The Tallest Man On Earth - Wild Hunt ()

Best live act:
Anna Von Hausswolff
The Tallest Man On Earth

Best unsigned act (in collaboration w/P3 Lab):
Alice B
Broken Boys

Winners will be announced at a ceremony on February 4 at Nalen in Stockholm. More info:

Mattias Alkberg album pushed back to August

reports that the new Mattias Alkberg album has been pushed back to August with a single to come in May:
So as to not interfere with the Pascal split, I presume?