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Svensk Musik label of the month: Flora & Fauna

, home to acts such as Rigas, Moder Jords Massiva , Parken, Sir Eric Beyond and many more, is celebrating their 10th anniversary and is also Svensk Musik's label of the month:
Follow the link for an interview with label mainman Henrik von Euler plus a bit about their latest releases from artists such as Sjöarna and New Rose.

Sjöarna - Kolsnaren (video)

Sjöarna = A new Swedish band featuring Pelle Lindroth (Parken), Andreas Söderström (ASS), Cecilia Österholm and Henrik von Euler (Rigas). Look for their debut album to be released on October 19 via .

Flora & Fauna plan 10y anniversary comp

Swedish label will be celebrating their 10th anniversary this year by releasing a 2xLP compilation featuring new tracks from almost every artist that has even been involved with the label, including Parken, Pavan, Marions, The Chrysler, Sir Eric Beyond, Existensminimum, Hundarna från Söder, Rigas and more. Expect a November release.

Musik med Parken: Annas sång

Parken performs his latest single "Annas sång" for PSL:

Parken - Annas sång

Parken's 2nd single off his forthcoming album "Framtide var här" is now posted for streaming:
The official release date for said single is September 20.

Parken - Ser du stjärnan i det grå

Preview Parken's new single "Ser du stjärnan i det grå", due out May 12 via :
Parken's sophomore album "Framtiden var här" will follow on October 6.

Top 10s for 2009: Henrik von Euler (Rigas/Flora and Fauna)

New Rigas album confirmed

The new Rigas album "Let's get gone" is now finished and confirmed for an early March release via . Said album was written and produced by Rigas in conjunction with his friend, labelmate and frequent stage companion Pelle Lindroth (Parken, The Chrysler) and will also feature guest appearances from the likes of Anna Maria Espinosa, Jenny Wilson and more. Expect the first single in mid-January.

Festival report: by:Larm 2009 - Day 2

Festival report: by:Larm 2009 - Day 1

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Hello Saferide - 2008
02. TALK 1
03. The Fine Arts Showcase - Friday on my knees
04. Juvelen - Hanna
05. Dmitry Fyodorov - MD5VSSHA1
06. TALK 2
07. Paper - Out of it into it
08. Katzenjammer - Tea with cinnamon
09. Kristofer Åström - Just a little insane
10. TALK 3
11. Mattias Hellberg & The White Moose - Why is it so?
12. Parken - Vad ska vi göra med Henry?
13. Johan Heltne - Hjärta. Instinkt. Principer.
14. TALK 4
15. Marybell Katastrophy - Hidden agenda
16. The Bear Quartet - What I hate
17. Brainbombs - Stalker
18. TALK 5

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Top 10s for 2008: Thomas Denver Jonsson

The new Parken single "Vad ska vi göra med Henry?" is being offered as a free download:
Check out the video here:
Also check out Flora & Fauna labelmates The Bethlehem Beard Corporation with their version of the Parken track "Glittrar":
BBC's debut album "When the beards met in Bethlehem" will be released on January 28.

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Tomas Halberstad - Travel as I wait
02. TALK 1
03. Robert Svensson - 1991
04. Auton - El Dorado
05. Parken - Jag har varit vilsen, Lisa
06. TALK 2
07. Tiger Lou - Trust falls
08. Promise and the Monster - Night out
09. Park Hotell - Black hole
10. TALK 3
11. Sort Sol - Excalibur
12. Convoj - The shovel
13. Satyricon - Black crow on a tombstone
14. On Volcano - Out of sight
15. TALK 4
16. Hello Saferide - Anna
17. Him Kerosene - Ventilate
18. Tobias Hellkvist - Ships of the North Atlantic
19. TALK 5
20. Division of Laura Lee - LAX
21. Oskar Schönning - Nino casino
22. Haust - Success
23. TALK 6
24. Passiv Dödshjälp - Helvetet, tur och retur

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Check out the video for Parken's excellent single "Jag har varit vilsen, Lisa":