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Park Hotell to the US

Norrland indierockers Park Hotell have been picked up by NY-based label (Movits!) who will be compiling a best-of album called "Layers" for US release. They'll also be coming over in March for SXSW and will be doing some other shows, exact dates TBA.

The Bells - We kick back

The Bells (feat. members from The Bear Quartet, Park Hotell, etc.) have a brand new single called "We kick back" and you can hear it at their website:

Teg Publishing, open for business

The label website/webshop, home of new band The Bells, is now open:
Lots of related stuff for sale, including releases from Park Hotell, Convoj, Mattias Alkberg, Cult of Luna, etc.

MP3: The Bells - Outside

Introducing The Bells, a new Luleå-affiliated project featuring Jonas Teglund (Park Hotell, Neverna), Peter Nuottaniemi (The Bear Quartet) and Johan Forslind. They have a full-length album on the way entitled "Threads" which was produced by renown musical genius/recluse Björn Olsson and will be released via the band's own in October. Unsurprisingly, it sounds a lot like a mix of Park Hotell and Bear Quartet (circa "Personality crisis"/"My war), which of course is perfectly fine by me (and should be for you too). Four tracks are up for streaming preview at the band's website, my favorite being the ominous/gloomy "Outside". Much like the Tsukimono track I posted earlier today, the song's spaciousness is a perfect companion to the sound of rain; furthermore, it hearkens back to some of BQ's most powerful work such as "Walking out". Resigned and reflective, revealed by severe simplicity, and yes, starkly beautiful; a song that says a lot with very few words/notes.

The Bells - Outside

Sirius playlist week #33

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU:

01. Johan Heltne - Krieg ist krieg und schnaps ist schnaps
02. TALK 1
03. Tiger Tape - She is fiction
04. Terrible Feelings - Blank heads
05. Pistol Disco - Organ and drum
06. TALK 2
07. Ludwig Bell - Kärlek slutar alltid med bråk
08. Bonghit - Maratondröm
09. Murmansk - Silver heel
10. TALK 3
11. Robyn - Criminal intent
12. Pettersson & Fredriksson - Langas
13. Lapko - A new bohemia
14. TALK 4
15. The Megaphonic Thrift - Candy sin
16. Park Hotell - Trouble kid
17. Champagne Riot - Heart stab
18. TALK 5
19. Britta Persson - Meet a bear

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Strange Maps Advent Sunday mixtape

continue their Sunday Advent mixtape series with a contribution from Strange Maps, aka Petter Granberg of Park Hotell:

MP3: M.A. Numminen - Carry your weight

Till grammisjuryn 2009:
Tack men nej tack, vi avsäger oss nomineringen, vi vill inte ha med Er att göra. Hoppas Ni respekterar detta. Vi tycker att en ursäkt vore på sin plats. Säg förlåt.
The Bear Quartet

In case you missed it, The Bear Quartet were nominated for a Swedish Grammy and they have refused the "honor", issuing the statement above (translation here). It's not like it's the first time, so yeah, I'm not surprised. Still Sweden's best indie act and also the most contrary. Anyhow, it's not as if the prospect of BQ going up against the likes of Takida and Europe isn't ridiculous enough by itself, it hardly matters because you know that fucking Kent will win everything, whether you think they deserve it or not (I still haven't heard "Röd"; I'm sure it's fine, but I just don't care). So they are stepping aside and good for them. The Bear Quartet continues to do as they see fit.

On a similar token, the band has another new EP on the way to accompany the album "89" and of course it bares their willfully difficult streak. The song is "Carry your weight" and the EP comes with 3 b-side versions: a killer Spaghetti Western remix from Strange Maps aka Petter Granberg of Park Hotell, a psyched-out take by Malmö-based experimental artist VED and most importantly, the version I give to you today as performed by Finnish cult artist M.A. Numminen (performed together with longtime collaborator Pedro Hietanen on accordion). I can't remember where exactly I first heard of Numminen, but his intentionally annoying weirdness is a perfect match for BQ and yet another example of the band doing their best to aggravate their fans. Personally, I think it's hilarious, even if it's pure novelty. But most importantly, it makes perfect sense. The "Carry your weight" EP comes out December 11, the same day as The Bear Quartet's final concert of the year in their hometown Luleå where they will perform songs from "89" for the very last time.

M.A. Numminen - Carry your weight (The Bear Quartet cover)

The best things in life are free: Fare You Well, Livaventura, Okkultokrati, Penny Century, We Are the Storm

Sirius playlist week #38

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU featuring special guest Mathias Rask-Andersen from the band Culkin:

01. Culkin - Payperfist
02. TALK 1
03. Him Kerosene - Raceday
04. Park Hotell - Happy love
05. Neil Halstead - Paint a face
06. TALK 2
07. Culkin - Glow
08. Scraps of Tape - Drink forever
09. The Bear Quartet - Northern
10. KVLR - Capitol city child
11. TALK 3
12. Brick - I
13. Blithe - Allegiance
14. Giant Boar - Jessica Hell
15. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names - Marry me
16. Popsicle - Not forever
17. TALK 4
18. Culkin - Insomniac

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New 7" from Park Hotell in near future

The excellent Luleå-based indiepop act Park Hotell is working on a 7":

'Records make great pets - Volume 2' coming March 16

Stereo Test Kit has confirmed the tracklist for their upcoming "Records make great pets - Volume 2" compilation featuring 20 tracks from 20 Swedish indie artists:
Hard to pick specific highlights since the tracklist is incredibly strong, but some of the names are Alarma Man, Björn Kleinhenz, Convoj, Hajen, Lowood, Park Hotell, Rickard Jäverling, Scraps of Tape, The Social Services, Two White Horses and Winter Took His Life.

MP3: Park Hotell - Black hole

This isn't brand new by any stretch, but Park Hotell is well worth revisiting in this era of 24h attention spans. "Free for friends" made a couple of our year-end top 10 lists and yet the band doesn't garner nearly as much attention as they deserve. I expect that for my more esoteric/underground picks, but for an indiepop band? I'm surprised and yes, a little disappointed. "Black hole" would make for a great second single, should they get the opportunity. Taxi, Taxi's excellent backing vocals elevate the chorus to a majestic level and the clever interplay between all the melody lines shines on repeated listens. Factor in Jari Haapalainen's stiff, but muscular drumming and you've got gold. Now as to why these guys didn't catch on with more people I can only speculate... Luleå outsider status? Lack of a promo budget? Not young enough? It's a pity. Let some light in, why doncha?

Oh, and for folks who are looking to buy a copy of said CD, I still have copies available: [click here]

Park Hotell - Black hole

Could your band make a great pet?

UK-based label Stereo Test Kit is looking for a few more Swedish acts to round out their upcoming comp "Records make great pets - Vol. 2". Go to their website for submission details:
Acts confirmed so far include Park Hotell, Testbild! and Hajen.

The Bear Quartet played a show and you missed it

The Bear Quartet played a rare hometown gig in Luleå over the holidays with two of the dudes from Park Hotell filling in for Jari and Jejo who were both gone abroad/AWOL.

Top 10s for 2008: Mattias Alkberg (The Bear Quartet/MABD)