Artist: Oh! Custer

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: States EP
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Cloudberry to release 7" from Oh! Custer

will be releasing new 7" from Swedish indiepop act Oh! Custer in November:

Cloudberry to release Oh! Custer 7"

Swedish act Oh! Custer will be releasing a 7" on in the not-so-distant future.

The lineup for this year's NYC Popfest is now 100% confirmed and the Scandinavian artists playing are Cats on Fire, Friday Bridge, Love Is All and Oh! Custer. More info:

Finnish indiepop act Cats On Fire will travel to NYC for the NYC Popfest in June:
Other confirmed Scandinavian acts include Friday Bridge, Oh! Custer and Love Is All.

Oh! Custer
States EP
Series Two Records


Offhand, Custer, Ohio, USA, springs to mind. This was likely unintentional and fortunately, very few expect a band to be defined by their name, at least not completely. "States" is an EP, and included on the disc is their previous EP release "Leaves". Two for one isn't a bad deal. Throughout the record, jangly guitar, reverb-laden vocals, and somber lyrics make for a sound not unlike the UK's Field Mice. In fact, the title track could be straight off a Sarah Records disc. Unlike the Field Mice however, who are known for dipping into a kind of beautiful comatose tempo, the disc keeps up a steady pace, with some clever hooks and a well-balanced indiepop mentality. Oh! Custer, with only two members, has conjured up a solid, energetic record. Fans of The Legends and Comet Gain should take notice and give this a spin.
- Paul Bredenberg