Artist: Northern Fields

Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: Never take the beauty (mp3)
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MP3: Northern Fields - Never take the beauty

I first mentioned Northern Fields way back in October, but it took a few months for the debut EP to finally show up in my mailbox (and still a few weeks more for me to get around to writing about it). Regardless, my initial assessment still stands - Northern Fields are a great female-fronted indiepop act that's guaranteed to appeal to fans of all things twee, but more importantly, their songs are well-crafted enough to impress cynics like me. To further illustrate my point, consider guitarist Andreas Hagman's other band Celestial. They are good at what they do, but they are not a band I would ever choose to listen to on my own. Northern Fields bridge the gap and transcend genre expectations.

Northern Fields - Never take the beauty

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Annika Norlin/Säkert! - Generalens visa
02. TALK 1
03. Downstairs - Legs for arms
04. Dmitry Fyodorov - 1b-1
05. Northern Fields - Never take the beauty
06. TALK 2
07. Barra Head - Undermine
08. Fläskkvartetten - Som glas (ft. Nina Persson)
09. Benea Reach - New waters
10. TALK 3
11. Firefox AK - Winter rose (Tellevika remix)
12. Dansdepartementet - Svarta brev
13. Randy - Little toulouse
14. TALK 4
15. Britta Persson - At 7
16. M:40 - Brännmärkt
17. Mechanical Bird - Martha
18. TALK 5
19. Marvins Revolt - Multiple fractures
20. The Drawbacks - Straight lines & circles
21. Isolation Years - Say-nothing day
22. Christian Kjellvander - Poppies and peonies
23. TALK 6
24. Little Dragon - Recommendation
25. FAP - Sjömannen
26. Cortex - Animals (...looking at me)
27. TALK 7
28. Ulf Ljusberg - Whatever was
29. Mayhem - Deathcrush
30. Alog - St.Paul sessions II
31. TALK 8
32. Tigerbombs - 1000 sparks
33. Mainliners - Bourbon and ice
34. Mando Diao - San Francisco Bay
35. Madrugada - Look away Lucifer
36. TALK 9
37. Matts Katt - Refused was fucking murdered

I've posted the first of what I hope will be the start of an interesting article series on all the various quality bands I've stumbled across at myspace. Instead of posting little asides that run the risk of getting lost amongst the daily newsflow, I'm hoping this little showcase will help these acts get the attention they deserve. Check it out! Bands featured this time out include Agent Side Grinder, Breum, Iiwanajulma, Northern Fields and Pintandwefall.