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Anna Ternheim's new video for "Summer rain" is now online:
Guest vocalists on said track include Ane Brun, Nina Kinert, Ellekari Larsson (The Tiny) and Klara Söderberg (First Aid Kit).

Baskery, Billy the Vision and the Dancers, Firefox AK, First Aid Kit, Marching Band, Nina Kinert, Pacific!, The Tallest Man on Earth and Zeigeist have been selected to represent Sweden at the new EuroSonic music conference in Groningen (NL) on January 15-17.

Here's this week's radio show playlist:

01. Desert Planet - Riot sector 68
02. TALK 1
03. Grande - We did it all
04. Sara Berg - Crawl back from under
05. Dialog Cet - Buckfighter
06. TALK 2
07. Doktor Kosmos - Doktor Kosmos släpper en skiva
08. Halph - Weight
09. Bright Oak - The undertow
10. TALK 3
11. Juvelen - They don't love you
12. Frivolvol - Take it from the beginning
13. Little Jimmy Reeves - Sidetracked
14. TALK 4
15. Keith Canisius - Omorose
16. The Kid - Mayhem troopers
17. Lognhalsmottagningen - Bodybuilder
18. Markus Krunegård - Rocken spelar ingen roll längre
19. TALK 5
20. Firefox AK - Techno tears
21. Biker Boy - April song (Mr Bananas remix)
22. Thomas Denver Jonsson - Saved by the bell
23. TALK 6
24. Nina Kinert - Pets & friends
25. Familjen - Hög luft
26. Brainbombs - Down in the gutter
27. TALK 7
28. Anders Persson och Carl Smith - Morgonsol i April
29. Abduktio - Uutisia rintamalta
30. Nordvargr - Rektal B
31. Karin Holmberg + hab - Who we are
32. TALK 8
33. Lapko - Killer whales
34. Madrugada - Lift me
35. Kristofer Åström & Hidden Truck - What I came here for
36. TALK 9
37. Sambassadeur - Subtle changes
38. Dreamboy - What have I done
39. The Tough Alliance - Lucky
40. TALK 10
41. Logh - Saturday nightmares

Absolut Noise has a new interview and mp3 from Nina Kinert:

Check out the new Magnus Renfors-directed video for "Combat lover" by Swedish artist Nina Kinert:

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Britta Persson - Cliffhanger
02. TALK 1
03. Death By Kite - Sweet M
04. KVLR - Traitors and thieves
05. Anna Ternheim - Today is a good day
06. TALK 2
07. Don Juan Dracula - Take me home (Johan Angebjörn remix feat. Sally Shapiro)
08. Amorphis - Weaving the incantation
09. Thomas Denver Jonsson - Dreams at the film club (feat. Nina Kinert)
10. TALK 3
11. Don't Be A Stranger - Lonely together
12. Madrugada - Tonight I have no words for you
13. Majessic Dreams - Have to go
14. TALK 4
15. Pavan - The bird
16. Bröderna Lindgren - Om en guldfisk (feat. Kristofer Åström)
17. The Tarantula Waltz - Where I end and you begin
18. Adam Tensta - They wanna know
19. TALK 5
20. Commando M Pigg - Mot stjärnorna
21. Gravy - Rock scientists
22. Jonas Game - ADHD
23. TALK 6
24. Linus Larsson & John Roger Olsson - In the shadow
25. Idiot Kid - Go to sleep
26. Mats Öberg - Cool water - på Den Gyldene Freden
27. TALK 7
28. Pascal - Längtar efter dig
29. The Bear Quartet - I would be poor
30. Peloton - Aranburu
31. Royal Downfall - Lightning strikes twice
32. TALK 8
33. Made In Sweden - Winter's a bummer
34. Erik Enocksson - The state the sea left me in
35. Asha Ali - Coward heart
36. TALK 9
37. A-ha - Celice

Check out a live recording of Nina Kinert covering Torpedo's "Love affair strapped in electric chair":
Ane Brun is providing backing vocals. Nice!

Ane Brun - Live in ScandinaviaAne Brun
Live in Scandinavia


Masterful. This album will make you readdress what you thought you knew of Brun. Smokey vox and bewitching string segments set stall on this career busting 17 song span of live tracks recorded towards the tail end of 2006. The collection foists great merit on her performances. At times Brun eclipes Åström, Weeping Willows, Madrugada in the bitter sweet stakes. The big sounds wailing blue, alt-country (I should be shot for using that description) on such 'beauts as "Lift me" (with equally beguiling Nina Kinert as opposed to Madrugada's Sivert Høyem), and the more up tempo "No. 6", are just two very strong highlights. "Balloon ranger" darts violin, the double bass. KT Tunstall would be proud of "So you did it again".
- Jason Christie

Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Brun will be releasing a live album on February 5 that was recorded during her fall '06 tour with Nina Kinert and the DMF String Quartet. In celebration of said record, she'll be doing two exclusive shows with the same cast to promote it:

02/07 - Rival, Stockholm (SWE)
02/17 - Rockerfeller, Oslo (NOR)

New international tourdates for Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Brun:

07/03 - La Maroquinerie, Paris (FRA) w/Teitur
07/06 - Vestfoldspillene, Åsgårdsstrand (NOR) w/DMF String Quartet
07/18 - Rex Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA w/Xavier Rudd
07/19 - Theatre of the Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA w/Xavier Rudd
07/20 - Bowery Ballroom, New York w/Xavier Rudd
07/22 - Dream Away Lodge, Becket, MA
07/25 - St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI w/Xavier Rudd
07/26 - House of Blues, Cleveland, OH w/Xavier Rudd
07/27 - Southgate House, Newport, KY w/Xavier Rudd
07/28 - Park West, Chicago, IL w/Xavier Rudd
07/29 - Cabooze On West Bank, Minneapolis, MN w/Xavier Rudd
07/31 - Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO w/Xavier Rudd
08/03 - Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA w/Xavier Rudd
08/04 - Fillmore, San Francisco, CA w/Xavier Rudd
08/10 - The Triple Door, Seattle, WA
08/14 - Joe's Pub, NYC
08/25 - Lerkendal, Trondheim (NOR) w/A-ha
08/26 - Color Line Stadion, Ålesund (NOR) w/A-ha
09/08 - Logen, Bergen (NOR) w/DMF String Quartet, Nina Kinert
09/10 - Stavangeren, Stavanger (NOR) w/DMF String Quartet, Nina Kinert
09/11 - Gamle Logen, Oslo (NOR) w/DMF String Quartet, Nina Kinert
09/14 - Björnsonhuset, Molde (NOR) w/DMF String Quartet, Nina Kinert
09/15 - Studentersamfundet, Trondheim (NOR) w/DMF String Quartet, Nina Kinert
09/17 - Kulturhuset Banken, Lillehammer (NOR) w/DMF String Quartet, Nina Kinert
09/20 - Södra Teatern, Stockholm (SWE) w/DMF String Quartet, Nina Kinert
09/21 - Trägårn, Göteborg (SWE) w/DMF String Quartet, Nina Kinert

Absolut Noise interviews Nina Kinert:

Download some new tracks from Swedish singer/songwriter Thomas Denver Jonsson:

01. Dreams at the film club (ft. Nina Kinert)
02. Silverboy (ft. Ned Oldham)

Thomas' new album "Barely touching it" has been delayed slightly, but will be officially released on October 28. Good stuff.

Kite Recordings has announced that the title for the new Tomas Denver Jonsson album will be "Barely touching it". The record features twelve new songs produced by Carl Edlom and features Tomas' regular backing band The September Sunrise alongside guest appearances from Ned Oldham (Anomoanon/Palace Music) and Nina Kinert. Look for it around September.

Top 10s for 2004: Thomas Denver Jonsson