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Country: Sweden
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
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New Nicolai Dunger album in late August

Nicolai Dunger has confirmed that he will be releasing the new album "Ballad of this Land" on August 31. Said album was recorded with producers Jari Haapalainen and Nille Perned and is said to be inspired by his recent trip to Ireland and work of Irish Traveller/folksinger Tommy Daron.

Georg Riedel to pay tribute to Cornelis Vreeswijk

Nicolai Dunger, Sarah Riedel and Jonas Östholm will be joining Georg Riedel at Svenska Grammofon Studios in Göteborg to help him record a new album utilizing various unused Corneils Vreeswijk lyrics. Said album won't be released until the fall, but there will be a live preview on Monday, first-come first-served:

Nicolai Dunger - Clouds (video)

The Northern Lights blog has an exclusive video of Nicolai Dunger performing a new song:

Georg Wadenius to release a new album in October

Renown Swedish guitarist Georg Wadenius will release the new album "Reconnection" on October 25. Said record was produced with the assistance of Kleerup and includes an impressive roster of guest vocalists -- here's the tracklist:

01. Morning has broken (Frida)
02. Until we bleed (Kleerup)
03. Brothers in arms (Nina Persson)
04. Come back and stay (Peter Jöback)
05. Kärleksmorgon
06. Every little thing he does is magic (Rita Eriksen)
07. Sometimes (Helen Sjöholm)
08. Darkside (Kleerup)
09. Hymn
10. Don't give up (Nicolai Dunger & Silje Nergaard)
11. Reconnection

Haapalainen + Dunger + Ågren = Vowles

The Bear Quartet guitarist Jari Haapalainen, singer/songwriter Nicolai Dunger and drummer extraordinaire Morgan Ågren (Mats/Morgan Band, Fredrik Thorendal, etc.) have joined forces in a new fusion project called Vowles and they will be making their live debut on September 9 at Fasching in Stockholm. Entry includes a copy of the group's single "o i a å" and I have no idea what it sounds like, but I intend to find out.

The Line of Best Fit reviews Nicolai Dunger

The Line of Best Fit reviews Nicolai Dunger's newest album "Play":

Nicolai Dunger live in Germany

Nicolai Dunger will be doing a few Germany dates this month with support from London-based Swedish expat John Alexander Ericson:

04/12 - Gebaude 9, Cologne
04/13 - Molotov, Hamburg
04/14 - Magnet Club, Berlin

Mosorobie back in swing this spring

Swedish jazz label hasn't put out anything new since May of 2009, but they're coming back in full effect this spring with a tremendous lineup of new albums:

Mats Öberg Trio - So very Mats (out now)
Nicolai Dunger & Jonas Kullhammar - Vallmo OST (180g vinyl only, 300 copies)
Kullrusk - Digital (180g vinyl only, 525 copies)
Nacka Forum - Leve Nacka Forum (also vinyl only, I think)
Jonas Kullhammr Quartet - Från och med herr Jonas Kullhammar
Espen Aalberg Trio feat. Jonas Kullhammar & Torbjörn Zetterberg - tba
Zanussi Five - Ghost dance
The Core - tba
Magnus Broo - tba
Gilbert Holmströms Kvintett - Utan misstankar (Remastered reissue, first time on CD w/20min bonus track feat. Åke Johansson)

Please note that aside from the vinyl releases which I saw listed in Hot Stuff's newsletter, the information provided from the label is vague and possibly subject to change.

Nicolai Dunger - Crazy train (video)

Check out Nicolai Dunger's new video for the song "Crazy train" (no, not that "Crazy train"):

Top 10s for 2009: John Roger Olsson (The Grand Opening/Hearts No Static/Will Gambola Sing)

Sirius playlist week #50

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show Sirius XMU, 100% pre-millennium edition:

01. TALK 1
02. Honey Is Cool - Bolero
03. Beyond Dawn - Addictions are private
04. Commando M Pigg - Baby doll
05. TALK 2
06. Kent - If you were here
07. Fireside - Let Rasputin do it
08. CMX - Ainomieli 97
09. Docent Död - Bensin i blodet
10. TALK 3
11. Bitch Boys - Automobile
12. Nicolai Dunger - This town
13. Broder Daniel - I'll be gone
14. Starmarket - Ten seconds
15. TALK 4
16. Madrugada - Beautyproof
17. Breach - Black sabbath
18. Silverbullit - Thank you Mr.
19. Camouflage - Syster sol
20. TALK 5
21. Entombed - Lights out

Reminder: my show airs every week on Sundays and Mondays at 11pm ET on Sirius XMU. That's channel 26 on Sirius, 43 on XM and 831 for DirecTV subscribers. Next week's show will feature tunes from my top 10 albums of the year.

Musik med Nicolai Dunger

Live music with Nicolai Dunger at PSL:

Nicolai Dunger - Heart and soul

Nicolai Dunger has a song from his forthcoming album "Play" streaming at myspace:

Maia Hirasawa announces next single

Maia Hirasawa's next single will be for the song "Come with me" (feat. Nicolai Dunger). Release date is tba.

New Nicolai Dunger album 'Play' coming in October

Swedish singer/songwriter Nicolai Dunger will be releasing his new album "Play", his first proper "pop" album since 2004's "Here's my song...", on October 14 via Flesh Boat Recordings/Bonnier Amigo. It was recorded with Mats Schuberts from Bo Kaspers Orkester and co-produced by Staffan Andersson (Lars Winnerbäck, Olle Ljungström). Mats also plays in the backing band along with drummer Federico de Costa (Qoph), renown reeds player Jonas Kullhammar and the illustrious Per Wikström on congas, who you might recognize from this video.