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Napoleon - I try to despise the ugly people (video)

Napoleon has a new single with yet another long parenthetical title: "I try to despise the ugly people (but the beautiful ones keep turning me down)". Watch the video:

Napoleon = Popjustice song of the day

Popjustice has selected the watered-down pop of Napoleon's new single as their 'Song of the Day':

MP3: Napoleon - I love my baby (but if anyone touches her I'll kill them)

Are you kidding me? This has got to be one of the most guileless, gutless singles in recent memory. Is the UK really so enamoured with pop pap that this kind of pathetic blue-eyed soul can become hype? "I love my baby (but if anyone touches her I'll kill them)" aims squarely for the middle. It's the kind of music I can see appealing to boring, middle-aged ladies; the kind of people who swear off spicy food, wear puff-paint sweatshirts, hoard cats and stay far away from any sort of edge. Lite-rock predestined for the dentist office lobby, in other words. Seriously, I thought we were past the ironic yacht-rock thing already. I find it really hard to believe any young people actually, honestly think this is good. At least with Ruffa Lane labelmate and fellow Swede Montt Mardié, he only uses kitsch as a starting point, not a means to an end. Avoid!

Napoleon - I love my baby (but if anyone touches her I'll kill them)

Napoleon - I love my baby (video)

Watch the video for "I love my baby (but if anyone touches her I'll kill them)" from Swedish pop act Napoleon:
RIYL Deportees, Fibes, Oh Fibes!, yacht-rock.

I almost forgot, but here's the playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Jesper Norda - Tommorrow you'll be forgiven but tonight you will have your teeth knocked out
02. TALK 1
03. On Volcano - Out of sight
04. Monday Monkey Riot - Go ape
05. Dmitry Fyodorov - Warcollapse!
06. TALK 2
07. Wired for Mono - Don't look down
08. Small - Come around (vs Hippo remix)
09. September Malevolence - ...accidents happen so fasr
10. TALK 3
11. Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - Facelessness erase every trace of humanity
12. Napoleon - Send me a woman
13. Rigas Den Andre - I am crane
14. TALK 4
15. Mist - Subjective pop song
16. Ebba Grön - Tyst för fan
17. Neveres - Pause
18. Pascal - Cadillac
19. TALK 5
20. Komeda - Blossom (got to get it out)

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The label Mondo Neuvo has posted new singles from both Small Feral Token and Napoleon posted for free download:

Swedish indie act Napoleon has released a new EP via US-based label Valiant Death entitled "Vaxala and I". Go here for more details: