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Mordant - Black evil masterMordant
Black evil master
Night Tripper Records


The most succinct way of describing Sweden's Mordant is to say that it's like a 3-way blend of Watain, Nifelheim and Carpathian Forest with a hint of the rhythm guitar sound from "Slowly we rot" and miles of melody in the mix. If that sounds like it might float your boat, then I would suggest you buy this right away. If, like me, you find the aforementioned bands quite patchy in their output then I would be wary of parting with your hard-earned for this. There are some really killer moments on "Black evil master", with all of "Council of evil" as a prime example, but the flipside of that is that a lot of the material sounds the same, despite the wealth of riffage on offer. There are also some subpar moments on the album, such as "Retaliation of the dark" which -- if you were to replace Bitchfire's (yes, I know!) vocals with John Tardy's -- would sound like a bonus track on Obituary's "Back from the dead" stinker. Despite its initial promise and many cool moments "Black evil master" is a pretty average album that doesn't have a hope in hell of standing the test of time.
- John Norby

Mordant - Total inferno

Courtesy of , a sample tune from Mordant's forthcoming debut album "Black evil master", due out in November.

To the Death signs Mordant

has announced the signing of Swedish act Mordant who they lovingly describe as "Sarcofago sodomizing the corpse of Dissection at the sound of the demon bell." Expect an album release this fall.