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Century Media signs Morbus Chron

Lambgoat reports that has picked up Swedish old-school death metal act Morbus Chron:
The band will be heading into the studio this spring to record a 10" EP for the label.

2011 Live Evil mix

The 2nd annual Live Evil Fest, featuring nothing but quality selections culled from Fenriz' band of the week posts, is happening this weekend in London and the blog A Fist in the Face of God has put together a mix of the roster for free download:
Scandinavian acts include Witchgrave, Maim, In Solitude, Black Magic, Morbus Chron, Antichrist and Aura Noir.

Morbus Chron album preview, more

Invisible Oranges is hosting a full-album stream of the new Morbus Chron album "Sleepers in the rift":
Also, don't forget to check out our own review, just posted here. Personally, while I love the cover art and am generally a fan of even the most mediocre Swedish death revival, I cannot get into this record at all. Once it was pointed out to me that the drummer is all about the cheat-beat, that's all I hear and it sucks.

Morbus Chron - Sleepers in the riftMorbus Chron
Sleepers in the rift
Pulverised Records


It's old-school Swedish death metal time again and Stockholm quartet Morbus Chron are dishing out other people's riffs like they're going out of style. This hits me on four levels. All at once they're great, good, mediocre, and awful. You may wonder how that's possible, so allow me to disclose: Firstly, there's a killer, super-heavy and flawless production courtesy of Nicke Andersson. That's the great part. Secondly, they offer (via artist Raul Gonzalez) an oddly colorful piece of cover art that's quite like a fantasy retake on John Carpenter's "The thing". That's the good part. Thirdly, there's the music itself which, as enjoyable as it can be, is nothing more than a rehash of old Swedish riffs from days of yore. There are constant references to stuff that the band have either subconsciously 'borrowed' or blatantly ripped off and I have no idea which is true. Maybe it's neither; maybe it's a bit of both. If you want just one example, however, grab your copy of Dismember's vastly-superior "Massive killing capacity" album, crank up "Hallucigenia" and then have a blast of the main riffs in both Chron's "The hallucinating dead" and "The lidless coffin". That's the mediocre part; the complete lack of originality. And the awful part? Well, I'm never really one to have a pop at image but, guys, seriously. Unless you've had to squeeze the photo shoot in on a quick break from a day's hard graft down a coalmine, there's no excuse. To sweeten what might seem like a harsh review, I must add that Robba's vocals are pretty damn cool. Keep the sound and write something that hasn't been done by every other Swedish death metal band over the last 20 years and Morbus Chron could be onto a winner.
- John Norby

New music from Morbus Chron

Swedish death metallers Morbus Chron are streaming 2 new tracks at myspace from their forthcoming full-length debut "Black hole reverence", due out later this year via :

Vice interviews Morbus Chron

Vice interviews up-and-coming young Swedish old-school death metal act Morbus Chron:

More 7"s from Detest in September

In addition to the previously announced Morbus Chron 7", Belgium's will also be releasing a new 7"s in September from Swedish death metal act Veternus and a surprise unnamed act.

Morbus Chron EP teaser

Swedish old-school death metal act Morbus Chron have posted a short sample montage from their upcoming 7" EP "Creepy creeping creeps", due out in September via :

Morbus Chron - Everybody's dancing

Morbus Chron have posted a new track at myspace from their forthcoming album, showing off a bit of their new direction:

Morbus Chron - In obscuritas

Morbus Chron are streaming a new track on myspace from their just-completed demo "Splendour of disease":

Morbus Chron demo coming in February

Old-school Swedish death metal revivalists Morbus Chron report that they'll be releasing their much-anticipated demo tape via in February with their proper full-length debut following sometime later via .

Pulverised signs Morbus Chron

Pulverised Records continues to mine the Swedish underground for old-school death metal and have announced yet another signing: Morbus Chron. The band is currently making plans to record their debut full-length for a release sometime next year, in the meantime, listen to tracks from their demo cassette at myspace: