Artist: Mimas

Country: Denmark
Genre: Instrumental/Postrock
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New label: Father Figure Records

is a new Danish label, home to Icelandic artist Dad Rocks! (aka Snævar Njáll Albertsson of Mimas), and wholly devoted to Creative Commons music licensing:
Dad Rocks!' debut album "Mount modern" will be released on November 8 with the labels (US), (UK) and (ICE) each handling it in their respective territories.

Festival report: SPOT Festival 2011

Festival report: SPOT Festival 2011

Mimas to tour UK in October, offer new track for download

Mimas will be back in the UK in October:

10/20 - tba, (UK)
10/21 - Swn Fest (BSM Showcase), Cardiff (UK)
10/22 - Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich (UK)
10/23 - Brainwash Festival (afternoon show), Leeds (UK)
10/23 - The Head of Steam, Newcastle (UK)
10/24 - The Captains Rest, Glasgow (UK)
10/25 - The Harley, Sheffield (UK)
10/26 - Luminaire, London (UK)

Get a new track from the band here:

Mimas to get UK release in October

Mimas will have their new album "Lifejackets" released in the UK on October 24 via . Look for coinciding tourdates to be announced soon.

Mimas in Germany

Mimas will be heading to Germany for a few days at the end of the month:

03/31 - Bang Bang Club, Berlin
04/01 - Exhause, Trier
04/02 - Hafen 2, Offenbach
04/03 - Bois des Isles, Marbehan
04/04 - Astra Stube, Hamburg

Mimas live in Reading

Check out a live concert video of Mimas performing in Reading:

Mimas back to the UK in October

Mimas will be back in the UK in October:

10/09 - Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich
10/10 - Royal Park Cellars, Leeds
10/11 - The Captains Rest, Glasgow
10/12 - City Screen Basement, York
10/13 - tba, Sheffield
10/14 - The Flapper, Birmingham
10/15 - The Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham

Mimas on tour

Danish postrockers Mimas are leaving on tour today:

06/08 - Astra Stube, Hamburg (GER)
06/09 - Live At Dot, Berlin (GER)
06/10 - Studio 672, Köln (GER)
06/11 - The Grand Wazoo, Amiens (FRA)
06/12 - L’escalier, Liège (BEL)
06/13 - Mécanique ondulatoire, Paris (FRA)
06/14 - Radio Planet Claire Session, Paris (FRA)
06/15 - The Boschbar, Zurich (CH)
06/17 - D:Qliq (LUX)
06/18 - The Captain Tavern, Rouen (FRA)
06/19 - Cafe Du Clain, Poitiers (FRA)
06/20 - Le Sambre, Rennes (FRA)
06/21 - Fête De La Musique, Nantes (FRA)
06/23 - Le Cri De La Mouette, Toulouse (FRA)
06/24 - Localypso II, Pau- Lons (FRA)
06/25 - Fotomaton, Madrid (ESP)
06/26 - Sala El Vermell, Barcelona, Manrese (ESP)
06/27 - Sala InCivíc Zone, Barcelona (ESP)
06/28 - The Sonic, Lyon (FRA)

The Silent Ballet reviews 'The worries'

The Silent Ballet reviews the latest Mimas album "The worries":

Danish postrock act Mimas has signed with French indie label Distile Records and will see their latest album "The worries" released throughout Europe this coming February, excluding the UK and Denmark where it is already available via Big Scary Monsters. Expect tourdates to follow.

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Mimas - Cats on fire
02. TALK 1
03. Martin Vogel - Pick A D
04. Jonna Lee - The light
05. Abalone Dots - Over Georgia
06. TALK 2
07. Tobias Hellkvist - Ships of the North Atlantic
08. Lapko - Killer whales
09. The Social Services - The Baltic Sea
10. TALK 3
11. Hello Saferide - I wonder who is like this one
12. Boeoes Kaelstigen - Cecta
13. C.Aarmé - Tu puta mi casa
14. TALK 4
15. Pay TV - Fashion report
16. The Goner - The last folk song
17. Tomas Halberstad - Travel as I wait
18. Darkthrone - Raised on rock
19. TALK 5
20. Commando M Pigg - Att kasta spjut

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Mimas' new video for "Cats on fire" is now posted:

The 405 calls the new Mimas album "The worries" a "masterpiece":

MP3: Mimas - Mac, get your gear

Mimas traffics in postrock textures and timbres, but their music really draws more on post-Radiohead style melancholy alt-rock for inspiration. Which is postrock in a way, as they abandon all typical verse-chorus structures, but the music is still very, very rock. That's actually why I like them -- so many postrock bands tiptoe around actual heaviness or take so long to get there it barely matters, but Mimas actively embraces large outbursts of explosive distortion. They are also quite good at arranging vocals, another critical postrock shortcoming. If I have to endure another bout of soft whispered poetry, please kill me ok? I was sick of it by the time Indian Summer put out their 2nd 7". Anyhow, Mimas still have room to grow, but they show promise and, most importantly, are brimming with enthusiasm. I like that.

Mimas - Mac, get your gear

Danish postrock act Mimas has a song from their forthcoming record posted on myspace: