Artist: Magyar Posse

Country: Finland
Genre: Instrumental/Postrock
Reviews: The endless cycle of violence (mp3) / Random avenger / Popzag (mp3)
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Magyar Posse is done

The excellent Finnish instrumental/postrock act Magyar Posse has officially called it quits, citing "lack of passion and motivation" as the culprits. Read the band's full statement:

MP3: Magyar Posse - The endless cycle of violence

My wife and I went to see the movie "Pina" this past weekend in Seattle and I was surprised to catch a piece of music I recognized, but couldn't place. Stuck around for the credits and was pleasantly surprised to find it was the excellent Finnish instrumental act Magyar Posse, a band I enjoy quite a bit but rarely find myself listening to with any regularity. It's always good to be reminded, especially when you can be pleasantly surprised to discover the sounds have aged better than anticipated. A glut of early aughts postrock made this seem less special at the time (2002), but how much of that stuff really stands the test of time? Magyar Posse does. And it makes perfect sense to use their music as a soundtrack to modern dance.

Magyar Posse - The endless cycle of violence

Magyar Posse - Crack nihilist / Malware bytez

Could it be? At long last, something new from Magyar Posse.

Magyar Posse working on new album

Been a long, long time since we've heard anything new fromÝ postrock/instrumental act Magyar Posse, but apparently they are currently working on album #4 at home in Pori, Finland.

Magyar Posse to France in May

Finnish postrock act Magyar Posse will be supporting My Own Private Alaska on tour in France this coming May:

05/12 - Le Bikini, Toulouse (FRA)
05/13 - L'Ephémčre, Vannes (FRA)
05/14 - La Grange ā Musique, Creil (FRA)
05/15 - L'EMB, Sannois (FRA)
05/16 - Le Nouveau Casino, Paris (FRA)
05/17 - Le Ferrailleur, Nantes (FRA)
05/19 - Les Trinitaires, Metz (FRA)
05/20 - Le Clacson, Lyon (FRA)
05/21 - La Cartonnerie, Reims (FRA)
05/22 - L'Aéronef, Lille (FRA)

New Magyar Posse album on the way?

Finnish postrock act Magyar Posse report that they are finally working on a new album and have posted a (very) rough demo tune at myspace:

Verdura to release new discs from Heroin and Your Veins, Candy Cane, Mother Goose

New releases on the way from Finnish label Verdura, including a few (edited) descriptions from the label:

April: Heroin and Your Veins - Nausea CD (melancholic instrumental music, RIYL Magyar Posse and Bohren)
April: Candy Cane - Jaula CD (majestic avant garde metal)
April/May: Mother Goose - Anna Lumena CD

Check out the various mouseover band links for samples.

Check out the trailer for "Aldebaran Rising", a movie featuring new music from Finnish postrock act Magyar Posse:

Finnish post-rockers Magyar Posse are collaborating with director Petri Hagner on a new film entitled "Aldebaran rising". The band is composing music for the work and will be performing live at the debut on Octobter 17/18 at Valimo-Sali in Pori, Finland.

MP3: Kaneel - Born again

Kaneel is a prime example of Finnish weirdness ala Magyar Posse, the Fonal label, et al. At least on this track -- the rest of the material doesn't come close. Anyhow, it's got all the proper ingredients such as folk melodies, an other-worldly voice, odd instrumentation, an unsettling vibe and so on. If I heard this out of context, I'm sure I'd correctly guess the country of origin. I especially love the Eastern Bloc-style backing vocals on this one; that's what gives it that extra ooph. I could actually do without the squeaky androgynous vox, but they work fine, it's just that I'm feeling like the technique is overused. I much prefer the deadpan droll of the chorus, that's a far better match for the mood of the song. Regardless, it's a great piece of music from a virtually unknown act and I'm happy to make their music available for others to hear.

Kaneel - Born again

Here's the playlist for this week's radio show:

01. Franke - Jag älskar dig
02. TALK 1
03. White Knives - Welcome transplants
04. Bobby and Blumm - Drow a bow
05. Anna Leong - Guillotine
06. TALK 2
07. Juvelen - Don't mess
08. Eucharist - The Eucharist
09. Sophie Rimheden - Go away (ft. Aaron Phiri)
10. TALK 3
11. Form One - Money (ft. Vincent)
12. Tape - Augustan chateau
13. Moneybrother - They're building walls around us
14. TALK 4
15. Lapko - Killer whales
16. The State of Floral Beings - Bad broker
17. Opération Zéro - Grand Pere
18. TALK 5
19. Pistol Disco - Beat of the tune
20. Kusowsky - Jonny
21. Motorhomes - Into the night
22. TALK 6
23. They Live By Night - Endless summer
24. Cleaning Women - Clean up your body
25. Kaka - What a frame
26. Gorgoroth - Krig
27. TALK 7
28. Markus Krunegård - Samma nätter väntar alla
29. Snöleoparden - Waterpuppet theatre
30. Oskar Schönning - Stoner
31. TALK 8
32. Tellu - Tuulet
33. Convoj - Cultural legacy
34. Lukestar - White shade
35. Silver - The personal decay
36. TALK 9
37. Brick - Labrador
38. Callisto - Anastasis
39. Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - When she's GONE
40. TALK 10
41. Magyar Posse - Singlesparks are spectral fires

Check out a clip of Magyar Posse doing a live jam at the JZ Club in Hangzhou, China:

Finnish post-rockers Magyar Posse are doing a couple European shows in late March:

03/28 - Glaz'art, Paris (FRA)
03/29 - Rhaaa Lovely Festival, Fernelmont (BEL)

Magyar Posse's upcoming Chinese tour plan is complete:

Finnish postrockers Magyar Posse will be touring China in January alongside Shanghai-based act Cold Fairyland. And then, in February, they'll return the favor and bring Cold Fairyland for a batch of Finnish dates. Details confirmed so far: