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Crucifix in a Death Hand - Do androids play electric guitars?

Here's yet another thing I meant to post about ages ago and was only just reminded of: Tonight I am going to see In Solitude/The Devil's Blood/Watain in Seattle. Guitarist Henrik Palm currently plays with In Solitude and also (used to?) front Sonic Ritual. Sonic Ritual also features guitarist LinnÚa Olsson whose new band is Crucifix in a Death Hand, together with Janne Jarvis (ex-Warrior Soul, Hate Gallery). "Do androids play electric guitars?" is the band's debut 3-song EP and it's a great example of heavy, hook-laden rock'n'roll. It's also now available for free download via Bandcamp, so hook it up! And to add an extra layer of spooky coincidence, I also just happened to sell my last distro copy of Sonic Ritual's debut 7" via Discogs as I was doing this writeup. Perhaps I need to talk up my dead stock more often?

Linnea Olsson - Dinosaur (video)

PSL has the premiere of the new video "Dinosaur" from Swedish pop-cello/loop artist Linnea Olsson:

Linnea Olsson - Ah! (preview)

A quick preview of Linnea Olsson's upcoming album "Ah!", due out February 15.

Linnea Olsson - Giddy up! (video)

I ♥ Sweden captures Linnea Olsson performing "Giddy up!" in Rhododendronparken, Halmstad.

Frida Hyv÷nen - Live @ Admiralspalast 101, Berlin 02/07/2009Frida Hyv÷nen
Live @ Admiralspalast 101, Berlin 02/07/2009


Frida Hyv÷nen took the stage early on this wintery Saturday night, at least by Berlin standards. Still, the venue was well-filled with a mixed but enthusiastic crowd that included everything from the interested older couple to the younger first-row Swede complete with Frida-style oversized glasses. Ms. Hyv÷nen and her band won over the crowd quickly with powerful opener "Enemy within" from most recent album "Silence is wild". I had expected a more relaxed, musical-like performance but the band really went all out from the start. Together with cellist/bass-player Linnea Olsson and drummer Tammy Karlsson (both also played on "Silence is wild"; Tammy was a familiar face from Jens Lekman's band), Frida transformed her songs from cinemascope-powerpop to driving soul, even including the occasional be-my-baby drums. Think a Swedish all-girl Ben Folds Five with less punk and more Diana Ross. At the same time, quieter songs like "My cousin", "December" or "Why do you love me so much" were delivered with extra irony and humor -- I'm sure the ever-present champagne played its part as well -- and didn't seem out of place at all amidst all the powerpop. Even old gems from the first album were included ("Djuna" in a beat-centered new arrangement, as well as personal favorite "I drive my friend"), but couldn't outshine the brilliant newer tracks, especially the night's undeniable highlight "Dirty dancing". Finally, after two well-earned encores, "Scandinavian blonde" became fitting closer to a successful evening.
- Arnulf K÷hncke