Artist: Lasse Passage

Country: Norway
Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock
Reviews: What have I done (mp3)
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MP3: Lasse Passage - What have I done

Lasse Passage sings for the children, the ones with wanderlust in their eyes and their hearts on their sleeves, the optimists and the dreamers. If you're old and jaded, working a soul-crushing job and had your dreams dashed, your hopes pushed aside for "realistic" and/or "adult" expectations; stay far away. This kid will only make you angry. Youth! They are infuriating in their bright-eyed naivety, but don't worry -- they'll get theirs in the end. If anyone needs me, I'll listening to my Deathcage records, communing with the Nazi dolphin.

Lasse Passage - What have I done